10 Australia’s highest paying jobs

We all look for opportunities to increase our monthly income from time to time. If you live in Australia, you might already be aware of some of the most rewarding jobs. The list of such jobs keeps changing constantly and some opportunities fall back while others come up.

Here are Australia’s 10 highest paying jobs:

1. Surgeons

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Top of the list are surgeons who make an income of over $350,000 per year. Surgeons have been at the top of the list for many years due to their involved work. Surgeons are among the most highly paid individuals not just in Australia but across the world. Surgeons performed both minor and invasive surgeries to rectify physical ailments.

2. Anesthetists

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Following surgeons are anesthetists. The work of these medical professionals is to administer anesthesia to patients. Anesthetists in Australia earn an annual salary of about $300,000. The earnings for these professionals might vary from one region to the next but the general amount you can make as a practitioner is well above the above-mentioned amount.

3. Internal Medicine Specialist

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The third-most paid individuals in Australia are internal medicine specialist. If you are employed in this profession, you will make an annual salary of about $250,000 and above. Internal medicine specialists work revolves around the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of adult human diseases.

4. Financial Dealers

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Financial dealers make the fourth best-paid professionals and the first outside the medical realm. Financial dealers are commonly grouped in the same category as brokers. These professionals are employed by financial institutions to analyze the market conditions, facilitate trade and steer the market according to government regulations. They make about $200,000 annually.

5. Forex and Stock Traders

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Following close to financial dealers are forex and stock traders. Generally, the earnings of these individuals vary a lot and can be anything from just a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. The average earning of a forex and stock broker though is about $100,000 without benefits and about $300,000 with benefits.

6. Legal Practitioners, Lawyers

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At sixth position are legal practitioners. Legal practitioners are the top paid individuals in the legal professions world. The average income of a legal practitioner in Australia is about $190,000 per year. The legal profession has marginally lost prestige over the years but it is still among the best paying jobs.

7. Psychiatrists

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Psychiatrists have always been among the most paid individuals in both the medical field and in the general professional world. Psychiatrists are involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders.

The range of illnesses that fall under the realm of psychiatry is quite broad and involves anything from mild disorders to severe mental issues. This profession has been gaining much more relevance as more and more people become open about mental challenges. In 2018, an Australian psychiatrist can earn up to $180,000 and above.

8. Mining Engineers

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The mining industry is known as one of the most profitable. It is not surprising therefore that some professions in this sector appear in the top list of earners in Australia. The most paid individuals in the mining industry are mining engineers.

The engineers are responsible for applying various scientific methods to aid the extraction of minerals. The salary of these professionals varies but the general average income in a year for an engineer in the field is about $160,000.

9. CEOs and MDs

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Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors play instrumental roles in companies. They are responsible for steering organizations in the right direction. CEOs are often touted as the most experienced personnel in any given company. Both CEOs and MDs rise up the ranks of the organization to the top of the ladder.

As of 2018, the average salary of a CEO or MD in Australia is around $150,000 and above. There are over 100,000 positions occupied by these individuals and the market is thus substantial.

10. Generalist Medical Practitioners

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Finally, the professionals involved in various aspects of the medical profession wrap up the list of the 10 most rewarding professions in Australia. Generalist medical practitioners are trained to deal with a wide range of common health issues.

These professionals can handle physical health challenges, mental health challenges and social welfare among other issues. A generalist medical practitioner earns about $140,000 per year.

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