5 best mortgage brokers in Sydney

How much trust can you invest in the banks to provide a loan that will suit your needs?

These institutions act as lenders to ensure that you and your family have a domain that you can call home, but there are risks involved when going straight to the source.

By utilising an experienced, well connected and established broker, you can access a range of data and information that will help to form your decision.

As a client for one of these firms, you will have an advocate on hand who can handle all of the legwork as they apply their diligence and research to the market.

In an environment as diverse and evolving as Sydney, there are too many factors at play to leave your agreement to chance.

Scouring the landscape from Belmore to Maroubra, Pyrmont to Ryde, Penrith to Roseberry and Willoughby to Manly, there are investors out there who are using brokers to their advantage with the assistance of updated information.

Clients in these circumstances can compare loans, weigh them against short-term and long-term financial targets and assess the validity of properties on this advice.

Don’t head into the Sydney market blind. Take stock of the local 5 operators in the industry.

List of local mortgage brokers in Sydney:

No.: Mortgage Broker: Website:
1 Atelier Wealth www.atelierwealth.com.au
2 SydME www.sydme.com.au
3 MortgageBrokerSydney.com.au www.mortgagebrokersydney.com.au
4 Smartline www.smartline.com.au
5 1st Street Financial www.1ststreet.com.au

#1 Atelier Wealth

Atelier Wealth will set aside all of the noise and conflicting information that investors and loan recipients can receive over the course of this important endeavour. This is a firm that has a network of 25 banks and financial institutions, allowing you to access some of the top offers that match your circumstances.

Mortgage negotiations
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Having been established since 2014 to take the market by storm, Atelier Wealth has accumulated a series of top awards to illustrate their efficiency and effectiveness for their consumers.

2018 has been a year of achievement and high acclaim to sweep the New Broker of the Year, Rising Star, Editors Choice, Customer Service and New Office of the Year awards from The Adviser respectively.

The team is led by three key members who each bring their own wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Managing Director Aaron Christie-David is complimented by Director Bernadette Christie-David and finance broker Damien Walker.

The trio enjoys meeting the needs of their diverse clients who range in age, ethnicity, financial status and geography within Sydney, providing an online calculator tool to help individuals obtain a picture of their own requirements.

It is hard to look past a broker in the city who are better placed to meet your needs, particularly if you are a new home buyer or investor wishing to make that difficult first step.

#2 SydME

SydME achieves what any investor or loan applicant would want from their broker. They undertake all of the groundwork to scout locations, gauge trends in the market and engage with lenders to see where opportunities can be sourced for consumers working on a tight budget.

Many providers in this industry can be seen as a middleman looking to squeeze out their cut from an investment deal, but SydME syncs your financial goals with a loan that will cater to your circumstances.

Clients for SydME don’t need to stress about the inclusion of additional parties confusing matters, with the organisation happy to speak with real estate agents, conveyancers, financial planners and accountants to issue the best possible outcome.

Of course mortgage brokers are not all about property as SydME can handle your insurance, personal or commercial loan needs.

All of the domestic heavy hitters are associated with SydME to demonstrate their standing in the industry, including AMP, Suncorp, ING, Bankwest, Macquarie, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, NAB, ANZ, Citibank and more.

SydME are expertly run by experienced broker duo Paul Narline and John Truong, two certified professionals who have helped to establish this brand from a new entity to one of the chief performers in the city.

#3 MortgageBrokerSydney.com.au

MortgageBrokerSydney.com.au are closing in on their 20th anniversary and it is fair to say they have a lot to celebrate in 2019. By focusing in on the needs of the individual with specific one-on-one care for the client, this is a service that strives to go beyond the basics for the sake of the transaction.

Here you won’t find many of the bells and whistles that come accustomed with the other brokers on this list, instead focusing on grassroots community support and word of mouth to get their message out to the masses.

Mortgage advice Sydney
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As a licensed and qualified organisation, MortgageBrokerSydney.com.au negotiates loans and investments with small lenders all the way up to the big banks.

This degree of transparency is a rare commodity as most outlets will tend to lean to one side of town over the other, overlooking those crucial details that leads to paying added fees and taxes that could otherwise be avoided.

Enjoy their free of charge service to manage a refinancing of your home, to source a first home buyer opportunity or to invest in a property that will return long-term gains for your portfolio.

Take advantage of their toll free number and speak with a MortgageBrokerSydney.com.au representative today.

#4 Smartline

Smartline is the broker of choice for investors who want to broaden their horizons and receive a complete debrief on the Sydney market as a whole.

Few operations in the city can match the sheer scope and resources that this brand can enjoy, stretching from the Far West in Penrith to the Hills District, Northern Beaches, CBD, Eastern Suburbs and South-West regions.

With representatives posted in every corner, clients have the capacity to tap into growing areas where bargains can be sourced.

The objective of Smartline was to empower people to control their own loan options, removing the grip that banks can hold over recipients in certain markets.

What has resulted in the ensuing decades has been a 4.9/5 customer rating with an annual loan settlement of $6 billion supported by over 300 advisors Australia wide.

That is scenario that should encourage investors to bank their money and expertise with a brand like Smartline who continue to make strides for individuals and families that wish to maximise their investment.

Make use of their digital calculator to see why they are so popular within Sydney and beyond, helping you plan out a budget, gauge tax and repyament requirements, source stamp duty needs and much more.

#5 1st Street Financial

1st Street Financial round out our 5 best Sydney brokers with a strong foundation of performance and client satisfactory under their belts. Recently awarded the Australian mortgage broker of the year, this organisation would emerge from the Eastern Suburbs in 2002 before expanding their operation to cater to new markets.

Given their connection to over 40 lending bodies, 1st Street Financial pride themselves on servicing consumers with modern techniques and technology.

Buying house Sydney
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From their digital customer service apparatus that lets individuals speak to representatives in real time to free reports and consultations that allows people to gauge their needs on purchasing or refinancing, 1st Street Financial are well placed to manage your affairs.

Director and founder Jeremy Fisher is not daunted by the evolutions that have taken place across Sydney, with a portfolio that boasts over $1.5 billion in property loans over the span of his career that spans the establishment of the firm.

Fisher’s principles and standards ensure that the process from application to settlement is smooth and carefree for the client, complimented by a series of highly qualified advisors who bring their own unique skillset to the organisation.

Whether it is lending that is required for residential or commercial clients to financial advice that spans self-managed super funds to insurance programs, 1st Street Financial covers all of the bases.

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