5 Best Drink Driving Lawyers in Sydney

Drink driving can be considered a serious offence, and the severity of the consequences can range from mild to drastic. Depending on how good your lawyer is, you may face the full penalties, or you may have a reduced sentence in terms of severity and even length. Drink driving lawyers in Sydney are a dime a dozen, and there are only a number of firms worth investing your money into who can ensure that your penalty is not as harsh as it could be.

These solicitors are qualified, professional and extensively experienced in the legal system, and will be able to help you navigate through the processes involved and understand what is happening. Furthermore, they will be able to argue a reduced sentence for your case, or even no penalty at all – depending on the severity of your situation. For many people, a lawyer is necessary for these situations, as representing yourself will likely lead you to receiving the full force of the legal system as well as having to wait a significant amount of time before your case is heard.

The best criminal lawyers for this will have a number of traits which make them the best choices for these types of cases, and will definitely be able to help you. These traits and characteristics should be looked out for to ensure that you are investing into the right person.

If you live in Sydney and are in this type of situation, then you have come to the right place.

Top and best drink driving lawyers in Sydney:

#1 Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia are rated top drink driving lawyers in Sydney with decades of specialised drink driving law experience in representing countless clients in court, with outstanding results in the simple to most complex drink driving cases.

This unique multi-award winning law firm has demonstrated their expertise and proven track record over the years in drink driving law from their track record of section 10 non-conviction outcomes, running successful defences, hundreds of online 5-star reviews, & their TV, radio and newspaper appearances to provide expert legal insight over the years.

They’re success is also contributed by providing greater access to justice with 8 offices across NSW, fixed fees, & extensive knowledge of the Judges in court after having appeared before them countless times. They also offer a free first consult with a high success rate in drink driving cases.

#2 George Sten

Maggie Sten - Drink Driving Lawyer

Maggie Sten graduated in 1984 from the UTS Sydney, receiving a degree in Law and began working with George Sten & Co in 1985. With a family heritage of lawyers, Maggie decided to work in Criminal Law only after having visited a Women’s refuge and decided that she wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives.

She has an appreciation for the diversity of backgrounds that people come from, which can result in a lack of understanding of the Law.

This is where she demonstrates attributes of benevolence and patience, as she explains the Law in detail, helping people to understand what is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour.

#3 Gryphon Lawyers

Gryphon Lawyers - drink driving lawyers sydney

Gryphon Lawyers are the best choice of drink driving lawyers you could ask for in the Sydney area. Based in the Campbelltown area, Gryphon Lawyers focuses on a number of different fields of law including residential conveyancing, wills and estates, family law, general litigation and debt recovery, criminal law, drink driving and real estate litigation. All of these fields of law are popular, and they are especially successful within the drink driving field of criminal law.

They do not charge by units of time for their work, like so many other law firms do. They believe value is measured by the work that is done. The costs are valued based on individual circumstances, and the rates are highly reasonable.

Moreover, their website offers a number of helpful blog posts to do with the legal system which can be immensely helpful to anyone who may be facing the legal system or simply wants to learn more, such as law students and the like.

#4 Ben O’Sullivan

Ben O'Sullivan - drink driving lawyers sydney

Ben O’Sullivan is an experienced lawyer who holds a Masters of Applied Family Law. Ben is passionate about pursuing justice for his clients.

Prior to starting O’Sullivan Legal, Ben worked for a leading specialist family law firm in Sydney, and represented clients covering property and children’s matters in family law, and matters in the child-care and protection jurisdiction in New South Wales.

Ben has gained further experience working as a criminal defence lawyer and is now undertaking a Master of Laws (Criminal Practice) at Wollongong University.

#5 Drink Driving Lawyer Sydney

Drink Driving Lawyer Sydney

Drink Driving Lawyer Sydney is a Sydney based law firm which specialises in drink driving cases. Each page on their site is dedicated to different ranges of drink driving which will be able to help anyone who requires information on the legal system related to drink driving. Their solicitors are highly skilled and experienced in the legal system related to drink driving criminal law and have many offices throughout areas of Sydney.

These areas include Sydney, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith and Erina in the Central Coast. While their website may look simply, don’t underestimate their ability.

They have helped a significant number of clients navigate through the legal system related to drink driving cases and are skilled solicitors in this field.

#6 DUI Lawyers Sydney

DUI Lawyers Sydney

DUI Lawyers Sydney is a professional law firm which specialises in drink driving cases. They have extensive knowledge on the legal system and will be able to help anyone with matters pertaining to drink driving and the consequences within the legal system. Their website is a treasure trove of information and provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to drink driving and the legal system.

They have many locations which are conveniently located in a number of suburbs across Greater Sydney including the Sydney CBD, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith and Erina Gosford. All of these suburbs are convenient as they are scattered around the entirety of Sydney, and you will be able to access these solicitors regardless of where you are consequently.

For some of the best solicitors who will be able to provide you with guidance related to your drink driving case, this firm is the place to be.

DUI Questions:

Why should you opt for a solicitor for your drink driving case?

It may be tempting to tough out your case and forego having a solicitor represent you. You may think that this is an extra expense that is unnecessary, and subsequently you may choose to represent yourself in a court of law.

This is highly unrecommended, as it is not likely that you will have an understanding of the legal system and consequently, you may be unsure as to what to do or what to expect in the courtroom.

Furthermore, you will likely not know the steps you can take in order to be able to help reduce the severity of your penalty. For example, with drink driving cases, you are able to take courses which help you to become more aware of the consequences of dangerous driving.

These types of steps are favourable in the eyes of the magistrate, and you could be looking at a reduced sentence as a result. These are the types of things that only a solicitor would know, and they are therefore a good idea when facing a drink driving charge.

Will you have to say anything in court?

It is more than likely that you will not need to say anything in court. The lawyer representing you will present any documents such as letters of remorse and character references to the magistrate.

The magistrate will read through these which can help your case further. You will likely just have to stand up during your hearing, and more than likely will not have to say a word. The lawyer will motion for you to stand, and that will be it.

What will my penalty be?

This is a question which is hard to answer, as it varies on a case-by-case basis. For milder cases and first offences, you may be granted a Section 10 where no conviction is recorded, and essentially acts as a warning.

However, for more serious cases such as mid to high range drink driving, or drug driving, the magistrate may see fit to impose a good behaviour bond, community corrections order, or for very serious cases where people may have been hurt or killed, a prison sentence.

Your penalty may vary as well depending on whether or not you completed courses and took other steps which will factor into the magistrate’s decision.

What should I expect from court?

Going to court may seem intimidating at first, especially for first offender. Furthermore, standing up in front of a magistrate can seem like a daunting task to many. A courtroom will typically be laid out in an official fashion, with the magistrate at the middle of the stage, presiding over everyone in the room. Defendants and visitors will be seated in rows of seats on separate sides of the room, with solicitors at the front before the stage on a long table, sitting in a row.

When the magistrate enters the room, everyone is expected to stand. Afterwards, once your solicitor has given the documents to the magistrate, you will be motioned to stand amongst the rows of people, where you are sitting. From here, the magistrate will speak on what they think about your case, then your plea, then your sentence will be handed to you.

What characteristics should you look out for in a criminal lawyer?

Criminal law is an oversaturated market which is full of different solicitors of differing expertise and qualification. For this reason, it can be easy to invest your money into a lawyer who may not be the best fit for you.

There are definitely certain characteristics you should look out for in a criminal lawyer which will ensure that you are picking the right solicitor.

Qualifications and experience of dink driving lawyers:

This is of course one of the most important things a criminal lawyer should have. Lawyers must have a degree and pass an exam and training in order to become a solicitor, however they have differing levels of experience after this.

The best lawyers will have extensive training when it comes to the field of criminal law and may even fully specialise in drink driving cases. Moreover, a good criminal lawyer will have significant experience when it comes to defending clients charged with drink driving offences.

Looking for experienced lawyers ensures you will be defended by someone who has seen these types of cases before and will be able to give you the best possible guidance and steps to take to reduce your penalties.


A good criminal lawyer will be very responsive to their client and keep you up to date regularly. For any person charged with drink driving, it can be nerve racking not knowing what you may be sentenced to. Having a lawyer who keeps you in the loop constantly and lets you know any updates to your case will help to keep those nerves down.

If you have any questions, you should be able to contact your lawyer and receive an answer quickly within a reasonable period of time. This shows that they are invested in their client, and are genuinely interested in helping them


Articulacy is something that you imagine all lawyers to have, and for good reasons too. The level of education required to be a lawyer often leaves one articulate and well spoken, and this should be expected. A lawyer needs to be able to effectively argue your case in front of a magistrate and being able to argue with articulacy is something that the magistrate will highly appreciate and could help your case.

It is also important to be articulate to maintain an air of professionalism, and therefore articulacy is definitely a trait that you want the lawyer defending you to have.


A good criminal lawyer will have a good sense of judgement when it comes to making decisions related to the case. These decisions could be related to whether or not to plead guilty or not guilty, depending on whether the lawyer thinks they can beat the case or receive a reduced penalty. Good judgement comes hand in hand with knowledge of the legal system and how the magistrates will perceive the case, and as such, both are characteristics which should be looked out for in a good criminal lawyer.


Perseverance is also an admirable trait to look out for in a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer must be able and willing to fight tooth and nail for your case, as this shows a genuine interest in you as a client and a willingness to actually help your situation. Perseverance will determine how well they work and how hard they will work to help you and thus, how well your case will turn out.

Perseverance is generally engrained into a criminal lawyer, due to the many years of education and training they must undergo to become a solicitor in the first place. However, the best lawyers will go above and beyond to win favourable outcomes in their cases, and these are the lawyers you should be looking for.

Overall, these have been the 5 best drink driving lawyers available to you in Sydney. Each of these are exceptional lawyers who will be able to help you with your drink driving case and gain a favourable outcome.

They display professionalism and quality in their work and manner and will be the best choice for a defence within a court of law. While further research should be considered for each of them before a choice is made, this article should be a good guide to start with before entering the world of professional criminal lawyers to help you with your case.

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