The 3 essential character traits of the most successful drink driving lawyers

Legal representation is more important than many of us realise or give credence to – particularly in high stakes scenarios that require a concise and unabashed understanding of the law.

Alcohol-related mishaps and proceedings require an especially adaptable and sound legal mind in order to represent a client with efficacy and efficiency. When it comes to drink driving lawyers, it’s vital to find one that have the necessary skillsets that complement litigious matters relating to alcohol-related cases.

Solicitors, like doctors, have their own specialties and successful drink driving solicitors have a consistent record and some notable traits that allow them to facilitate a greater result than standard lawyers.

As we will explore, it’s not the number of degrees they have on the walls of their office that ultimately determine their suitability for a case – oftentimes it is the presence of certain characteristics that set certain drink driving lawyers apart from their compatriots.

The following article will outline a few of these key traits and will aim to showcase why these particular traits should be prevalent in your prospective representation.

1. Communicative prowess

Communicative prowess

Perhaps the greatest asset and character trait to be in any solicitor is the ability to communicate clearly and concisely – there is perhaps no better use for this trait than being present in criminal lawyers.

Communicative ability is more than simply using a garden variety selection of buzzwords and elongated dramaticism, it goes far beyond being in possession of a thesaurus and a silver tongue.

In cases that can be won or lost by the ability to extrapolate an idea, particularly in cases that involve testimony and circumstantial evidence, lawyers require a diverse and masterful use of the language. Their ability to get their point across as cleanly and creatively as possible while remaining in the realm of legality takes a practiced and considered approach.

The presence of this trait should be noted in two contexts:

Communication in the courtroom

This is where their experience and knowledge of legislation come into play. By having a strong communicative skillset combined with an in-depth understanding – the best drink driving lawyers are able to communicate and put their arguments to the court and potential jurors in a succinct manner.

Communication in preparation

Communication in preparation lawyers

One way to determine their ability to communicate is in the preparatory meetings and initial sit-downs you’ll have with your prospective counsel.

The trait will manifest itself quite expertly in these initial meetings in their ability to boil down the facts and advice in a way that is understandable and clear for their client.

It is with a strong communicative skillset that lawyers are best able to avoid a criminal conviction for drink driving offences.

2. Experienced confidence

Another essential character trait in successful drink driving solicitors is through what I like to call experienced confidence. Experience being the optimal signifier of success rates and trustworthiness in the profession, and confidence being more akin to their approach than with their demeanor.

The cadence and manner in which lawyers approach a case is pertinent to the overall chances of success. This is complemented by communicative prowess but also goes a little deeper than surface-level communication. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, however, it is a line that needs to be understood and utilised wherever possible.

As the law stipulates that guilt must be determined ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, it takes a certain grade of tenacity to articulate and approach a case with the necessary confidence to achieve these ends.

Through weighted experience and consistent observation, a reputable law firm will have the skillset that is required to be successful and competent in achieving the best possible results for their clients.

One way of determining this traits existence in prospective drink driving solicitors is by simply looking at their history in the field, previous cases and testimonials from previous clients will have a lot to say regarding their approach and overall experience.

3. Honest integrity

Communication in preparation

There have always been jokes made at the expense of solicitors and their honesty – however, without a strong moral and integrity-laden character, they do not last very long. This trait manifests itself in how they perceive the case at hand, as well as how the criminal lawyers end up breaking down the process and chances of success with all the variables accounted for.

It is also demonstrated through the perseverance and overall manner in which each case is dealt with on the part of the counsel. With cases related to alcohol and alcohol-based charges, there is no greater call for honesty and integrity to be facilitated than with a reputable solicitor.

With emotionally compromising moments of a trial or deliberation being more commonplace in these types of cases, the call for integrity, confidentiality, and sincerity cannot be overstated or ignored. Criminal lawyers who possess this trait are often found at the top of recommendation lists from peers and clients alike as it is a character trait that is valued and inherent.


Drink driving lawyers are among the top-tier solicitors in the field of law and litigation for a number of reasons and typically have to possess and incredibly diverse and effective skillset. While you should find that any successful solicitor possesses the mentioned traits, there is something more fundamental and necessary in finding a greater example of these traits in drink driving lawyers.

Not only for the high-pressure stakes and often evidential dependency on matters, but also with the turmoil than can arise if poor representation is utilised. Local lawyers have a utility and standard that is enhanced by these traits.

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