Best bars to go to in Sydney

For all those who fancy a drink and for those who want to stay drunk in love, if you are someone who loves a good view or if you just want to get a bit tipsy and party hard, Sydney has a bar for you. You won’t be disappointed because we have one for every mood, one for every saint and sinner.

This Must Be The Place, Darlinghurst, $$

This Must Be The Place if you’re looking a journey from Italian wines to whiskey’s you’ve never heard of.  This Scandinavian-look bar has more to offer apart from just good food and alcohol with Charlie Ainsbury and Luke Ashton’s workmanship creating the an amazing atmosphere. It’s the best place to pre-party and storm into the cold long night.

(typical night out will cost $40 per person)

cork in wine glass
Sydney bars offer an extensive range of beautiful wines. Photo: Gadini, Pixabay.

PS 40, Sydney, $$

Co-owners of this new venture Michael Chiem and Thor Bergqvist thought everyone who wanted a taste of their extra ordinary cocktails had to earn it by a little hide and seek.  So they decided to put the bar underground in the heart of CBD. Another fun fact about them is that they make their own soda. It’s a slightly odd space but don’t let looks deceive you at least not until you’ve tried the Sazerac and the Banh Mi they have for you.

(typical night out will cost $40 per person)

The Dolphin Wine Room, Surry Hills, $$$

For the love of wine we have for you an Italian dining room with a good collection of wines. For those who like to dress classy and drink the best wine, The Dolphin Hotel is the right place to be. Latta Vino Pinot is something you’d certainly want to try.

(typical night out will cost $50 per person)

The Gretz, Enmore, $$$

If you’re looking to go home for drinks think again cause The Gretz is the place for you with a fun playlist. If you fancy some scotch olives and a platter of delicious sea food to go with your Pimms cocktail or London Calling.

(typical night out will cost $50 per person)

pimms cocktail
There are a huge range of unique cocktails offering taste sensations, as well as favourites like the classic Pimms cocktail. Photo: Besjunior, Bigstock.

Big Poppa’s, Darlinghurst, $$

If you’re looking for some ribs late after midnight let me tell you that Big Poppa’s has an extended curfew. Open till 3 a.m. this place has a restaurant below and a kick-ass night club above. When you’re almost done don’t forget to leave some place for the delicious Budino if you have a sweet tooth.

(typical night out will cost $40 per person)

Venue 505, Surry Hills, $$

If you’re a jazz lover with a lot of soul, Venue 505 is the place you should be at. What feels like a lounge room has top-notch players playing to bring in the vibe of the place. Treat yourself to a jazzy night with some juicy cocktails.

(typical night out will cost $40 per person)

Ramblin Rascal Tavern, Sydney, $

You will get the best of the best from this bar! If you’re in search of a local watering hole with no eatery this is the place you should be at. It’s a fun bar with just one rule ‘Don’t be a Dick’ which is painted on the door and the coasters. This means bad news for all you fellas out there called ‘Dick’. 🙁

(typical night out will cost $30 per person)

Bars are a perfect way to socialise, unwind and enjoy some delicious beverages. Photo: Acekreations, Pixabay.

The Lobo Plantation, Sydney, $$

If you’re in for some drama head to The Lobo Plantation which has hipster bearded bartenders who will make you some Instagram worthy cocktails. This Cuban bar will show you some trick with fire if you order an Old Grogram. Get ready if you’re in for a treat.

(typical night out will cost $40 per person)

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