Alexander James Rodriguez Joins Senator Bob Archuleta to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

Our favourite British teenager, Alexander James Rodriguez joined Senator Bob Archuleta on Saturday for the Senator’s Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff, and treated the Senator, and his guests, to a fun performance of his new single, “California”, which the teen is hard at work campaigning for his song to be the states fresh new anthem.

As the State of California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom prepares to safely re-open the State of California, Alexander, a Los Angeles 8th grade student, released his song, “California” to support and celebrate Newsom’s efforts for “California’s Come Back”, and we are cheering on the teenager in his efforts.

“I want to thank Senator Bob Archuleta for giving me the opportunity to perform my song, “California” and for being so incredibly nice and supportive,” said Rodriguez. “When I wrote the song “California” it was to celebrate all the wonderful things to do, but now with the re-opening of the state, it has become so much more.”

The teen, who last year progressed into music, has delivered the State of California a song that is both musically and lyrically the modern day California anthem. Written by the 13-year-old, Alexander’s “California” describes all sorts of fun outdoor activities one can do in California, from Malibu to LA and beyond. The lyrics have been paired with a chorus that hooks you right in, laid on an energic beat, with a dramatic drum roll to full emphasize that California truly is the Golden State.

Watch the music here:

It’s obvious this teenager is hard on the campaign trail to help Cali back after months of lockdowns and restrictions. Over the past few weeks, we have seen Alexander conducting countless press interviews, he has been spotted with some of Hollywood’s elite, has now performed to a U.S Senator, and is destined to perform to the California State Governor.

We salute you Alexander James Rodriguez you are by far a rising star. You too can stay up to date with all things Alexander, follow him on Instagram.

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