13 facts you don’t know about Alexander James Rodriguez

Alexander James Rodriguez: 13 facts you (most likely) didn’t know about the 13-year-old actor and singer-songwriter.

From his birth place to his growing list of voice over roles, and song releases here’s everything you need to know about Alexander James Rodriguez.

13 facts you most likely didn’t know about Alexander James Rodriguez:

1. Who is Alexander James Rodriguez?

Everything you need to know about the actor and singer-songwriter.

You probably know Alexander James Rodriguez (aka AJ Rodriguez) from his debut single My Crew, which has been a fan favorite since its release on July 7, 2020, but did you know that this teen heart throb has since released three other songs, Your Smile, Up To You and more recently his song for UNICEF, Holiday in LA? Did you know that his first ever acting role was for Little Tikes? And that his first voice over gig was at age 6? Here are 13 facts you need to know about tween actor singer-songwriter Alexander James Rodriguez.

Who is Alexander James Rodriguez
Photo: Courtesy of EMR Media Music

2. How old is Alexander James Rodriguez?

Alexander is 13 years old. He was born on June 12, 2020 making him a Gemini. He is an only child and lives with his mother Liz Rodriguez in Los Angeles.

3. Is Alexander American, British or Spanish? Where was he born?

Alexander is British-American but was born in Marbella in Spain where he lived for the first four years of his life.

Is Alexander American
Alexander James Rodriguez at the film premiere of – Film premiere of “Ernesto’s Manifesto” – TCL Chinese 6 Theatres – January 9, 2020. Photo: EMR LIZ, Wikimedia Commons

4. When did Alexander move to America? Did he move for acting?

Alexander moved to Hollywood in 2011 with his mom. They did not move to start his acting career but at age 4, when a friend of his mother suggested Alexander start acting in commercials and films, he had his first photoshoot. After many agency offers, he signed across the board with CESD Youth Talent at age 6.

5. What was Alexander’s first acting role?

Before his music career kicked off, Alexander appeared in several films and TV commercials. His first movie appearance was in the horror film Mansion of Blood with Gary Busey and his first commercial was for Little Tikes, Giddy Up ‘n’ Go which has had millions of views on YouTube. He auditions in both an American and British accent to give casting directors a choice.

6. What is Alexander most famous for?

Aside from his music streaming on Spotify at a phenomenal rate, Alexander is best known for his British voice over work in the Golden Globe winning film Missing Link and Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. His first voice over was at age 6 on the animated show Bee and Puppycat where he is the voice of Cardamon, Bee’s purple headed landlord. He has been the voice of Cardamon since 2013. It was recently reported that Season 2 of Bee and Puppycat will soon be available on Netflix.

know about Alexander James Rodriguez
Photo @iamajrodriguez via Instagram

7. Is Alexander James Rodriguez on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Snap Chat?

Yes, Alexander is on Instagram @iamajrodriguez. He is not active on Twitter, Snap Chat or TikTok. His IG grid is filled with behind the scenes footage from the recording studio, friends and his charity work.

TikTok Alexander James Rodriguez

8. When did Alexander start making music and singing?

Alexander turned to music during the Los Angeles lockdown in May when all filming productions had shut down. He recorded his debut single My Crew in May and released it on July 7, 2020. He has since released three other songs, Your Smile, Up To You and more recently Holiday in LA. The songs have had several hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify with My Crew edging close to 1 million.

Blake Mares Alexander Alex Jacke
Left: Blake Mares, Center: Alexander, Right: Alex Jacke

9. What was first ever Hollywood event Alexander attended?

Alexander has been photographed on many red carpets in Hollywood. His first event was for The Muppets movie premiere in 2011 at El Capitan in Hollywood where he did his first ever interview for Sky Living HD Television in the UK at age 4.

10. Why did he record a cover song for his Christmas single? Why did he choose UNICEF?

Alexander was first introduced to the song Holiday in LA during his 5th grade Holiday Show. When he released My Crew, he told friends on a bike ride he wanted to sing a Christmas song for his chosen charity UNICEF, and that he wanted them to do it with him. They decided on Holiday in LA so they could sing backing vocals. He recorded Holiday in LA in October with his best friends from 1st grade. All proceeds from the song are being donated to Alexander’s dedicated UNICEF GoFundMe fundraiser where he is hoping to help kids around the world one stream at a time.

Holiday in LA - Alexander James Rodriguez


11. What grade in school is Alexander in?

Like many kids, Alexander is at school online. Aside from having a grueling school schedule he plays guitar, has vocal lessons, auditions for film and TV roles, donates his time to children’s charities, writes his own music, reads whatever he can get his hands on and is part of a professional swim team with practices 4 times a week. Phew!

Alexander James Rodriguez


12. Does Alexander James Rodriguez have a girlfriend?

No guys calm down – this dream boat is only 13!

Alexander James Rodriguez

13. What is Alexander James Rodriguez scheduled to work on next?

The 13y old actor has written three new songs releasing early 2021 and is set to start filming a lead role in the new Latinx thriller film Where Sweet Dreams Die. He was recently interviewed for the new documentary Content is King set to release in 2021.

What is Alexander James Rodriguez scheduled to work on next
(L-R) Zachary Laoutides, Jaime Zevallos and Alexander James Rodriguez. Photo: Ave Fenix Pictures via deadline.com

Follow Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez on: www.instagram.com/iamajrodriguez and listen to his music at Shopify here.

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