8 little tricks for a stress-free wedding day

All girls dream for a relaxed, exciting and stress-free wedding day. If you have your wedding anytime soon and you are getting worried about the arrangements.

Don’t worry, you can stay calm and enjoy on your big day by following some simple tips stated below:

Tip#1: Have your wedding plan finalized

You must plan your wedding in a way that the timeline for every arrangement is realistic and there is some room for error. If one thing is not according to your wishes, there must be another alternative or back up option to replace it.

If you haven’t hired a wedding planner, make sure you personally meet your photographer and visit the wedding venue. This can help you to avoid any red flags.

You can discuss what changes and requirements you have in mind. Have this done before your wedding week starts so you have time for yourself after booking the vendors.

Confirm the arrangements for the food, venue, live music bands, makeup and photography before your rehearsal dinner. Share the timeline of your wedding reception with your close friends and family over the rehearsal dinner so they would know where to be present at what time.

Tip#2: Make sure you try your wedding gown 4-5 days before the wedding

Sometimes brides try their wedding dresses and find that the alterations weren’t completed and the dress were handed over to them.

Make sure you try the dress one week before your wedding so that you will still have time to fix anything which you think isn’t right. Also, some girls gain weight so fast that they don’t even realize it.

With the latest diets and eating habits any girl can lose or gain 5 to 7 pounds in a week. So, it is essential to check the fittings beforehand.

Tip#3: Keep an extra pairs of shoes for outdoor wedding shoots

Don’t arrive at your wedding with aching feet. It is best to keep an extra pair of comfortable shoes for your wedding photo shoot especially if it’s somewhere outdoor. You can change your shoes at any point to feel relaxed. Also, some brides can’t perform their wedding dance in high heels. In that case, those extra pairs of shoes will be really useful.

Tip #4: Drop off important reception items to your wedding venue

For instance, flower baskets, unity candles, props, music USBs, your sign-in book, wedding cake etc. Make sure everything is goes to its place by adding notes to these items.

Also, let your wedding planner know what stuff you would like to return after your wedding reception for example framed pictures or your cake topper.

Tip #5: Don’t have your rehearsal dinner late

Scheduling rehearsal dinners 2-3 days before the wedding is ideal to avoid any errors on the wedding day. Some of the brides and grooms even prefer to have an extra rehearsal dinner alone so that they both have some time together and relax.

Tip#5:  Don’t choose a new friend your maid of honor

Mostly, made of honors are sisters. In case, you are relying on a friend you just met, don’t do that. Your best friend, sister or cousin would know things like calming your mom down, sincerely taking care of anything that goes wrong and of course she would understand your need a lot more than a random friend.

For example, your maid of honor can help your photographer recognize any missing family members during portrait photography. You can even hand over your phone to her for the rest of the day. If you won’t do that, trust me, you will be the ‘help desk’ that your friends and relatives will contact throughout your wedding day.

 Tip #6: Take care of yourself

Don’t start crazy crash dieting just to lose a few more pounds for your wedding day. Eat healthy, balanced diet and work out as much as you can. A hungry bride with low energy can’t enjoy her own wedding.

Just skip the pressure of all the wedding preparations and go for a walk, attend a yoga class, or just take a nice relaxing bath to relax yourself.

Tip#7: Sleep well the night before your wedding

If you will sleep late the night before your wedding and won’t have enough sleep, you will miss out the spark and energy that you must on your bid day!

Sleep helps you to restart your mind. With a heavy head you won’t be able to pose your best in the wedding photos or dance with your groom.

If you have the rehearsal dinner one day before the wedding, let your parents or siblings know that you have to get home early so that you get enough rest for the next day.

Tip#8: Don’t forget to enjoy your big day

Your wedding is something you cherish once in your life. At this joyous event, don’t take stress just because you think the high expectations and wishes you have for this won’t be fulfilled. Obsessing with perfection to the point that it starts to make you feel sorry about things isn’t healthy.

Take a moment to take around at your life partner and all the people you love. Feel grateful and contented. The perfection of dresses, cake, food, music or any other thing like that is not the most important for a successful marriage. Honestly, in the end, love is all you need!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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