6 Surefire ways to boost e-commerce customer engagement

Customer engagement is the future of e-commerce.
~ Brennan Loh, Business Development Head, Shopify

According to a study of Australia’s e-commerce market, user penetration in 2018 is 51% but it is set to rise to 57.4% in 2022. Indeed a rosy picture for e-commerce ventures. However, with more 110,000 e-commerce sites to choose from, engaging a customer who is already distracted by so many options is a hard nut to crack.

Moreover, an alarming raise in e-commerce bounce rate of 45% has forced the businesses to revisit their business strategies and incorporate new ways to boost customer engagement.

The success rate of engaging a customer decides the success of any e-commerce venture. It is the strongest indicator of a customer’s feelings about any brand. No wonder marketers are burning midnight oil to increase user-engagement. Various metrics like bounce rate, page views, activity time, open rates, visit frequency, and core user actions are being closely measured and monitored by businesses.

They are constantly measuring their success-rate in customer engagement and seeking newer ways to engage their customer. So here we are, with a list of 6 surefire ways that can boost e-commerce customer engagement. Let’s have a read and work towards more customer engagements.

Provide the best shopping experience

User experience is the key driver of customer engagement. According to a study, 86% of the e-commerce customers would readily pay a bit higher price if they are offered better customer experience. By offering a better online experience, brands can engage the customers and satisfy them. It should not only have an appealing interface but should also be intuitive to offer an experience the shopper cannot find anywhere else.

Pro tip
Boost the page load speed, simplify the navigation, provide easy checkout options, enhance the search option, and add videos/high definition images to provide the best shopping experience through your e-commerce website design.

Offer a value proposition they cannot ignore

Value proposition is the reason why customers buy any product or service. It sets one e-commerce store apart from the other. Moreover, an e-commerce customer is always looking for value in any purchase. Offering a value proposition that cannot be ignored is a great way to boost customer engagement. The better value you offer to your customers, the more engaged they will become with your brand. The value proposition should clearly outline the points that set your products or services apart from your competitors.

Pro tip
Promotional offers, discounted price, faster delivery, 24/7 support, quality proof, reviews, etc., can grasp the fancy of the customers and engage them with your brand.

Incentivise brand advocates

While trying to boost e-commerce customer engagement, many brands ignore the customers who are already engaged. These customers can prove helpful in getting new engagements. Find customers who are sharing your products and start a conversation. Leverage positive reviews and social media platforms to identify satisfied customers.

Offering giveaways can be a great way to incentivise these engaged customers and turn them into brand advocates. These brand advocates can bring more customers through different marketing means. You can also create community forums for the loyal brand advocates where they can interact with other buyers with similar interests.

Pro tip
Give away incentives like wallet money, cash backs, discounts etc., for as many shoppers the customers can bring.

Reward customers for reviews & feedback

Enabling customer reviews, feedback and testimonials are a great way to boost the customer engagement on e-commerce sites. Reviews not only engage the customers who are posting them but also engage other customers who are seeking more information about the product or service. Provide options to comment, acknowledge reviews, and work on feedback to encourage the customers to speak up.

Pro tip
Incentivise reviews or testimonials. Reward the customers with free goodies like vouchers, discounts, cash backs etc., to encourage engagement.

Integrate AI-enabled chatbots for live support

There is no better way to engage a customer than by providing solutions to their queries right when it has arisen. Live support is a proven means for boosting customer engagement. The emergence of chatbots has enhanced customer engagement by providing an instantaneous reply to any query. These chatbots work on Artificial Learning and can decipher the human requirements and come up with an instant reply. While earlier chatbots came with a preset reply, now they are becoming automated and offering more personalised solutions to the buyer queries.

Pro tip
Integrate automated chatbots working for live support can be of great help in engaging the customers for a longer time. Provide a VIP treatment to all the customers by analyzing their preferences and solving their queries.

Surprise with ultra-personalised outreach

Personalised shopping experience is something every customer is looking forward to on any e-commerce site. With e-commerce players like Amazon offering product suggestions, discount on cart items etc., it has become important for the e-commerce sites to analyse the customer data and offer a personal experience. Offering real-time personalised deals can be a great way to grab attention and engage customers. Big data, reflecting the customer’s shopping behaviour and preferences, can be used to surprise the customers with an ultra-personalised outreach.

Pro tip
Study the big data and offer personalisation. Focus the marketing and advertising campaigns around the preferences, location, social platform etc., of the customer.

By offering a value proposition, rewarding customers for reviews, providing best shopping experience, integrating live support chatbots, offering personalised experience, and incentivising brand advocates, businesses can boost their e-commerce customer engagement. Once you’ve started getting more engagements, you can also incorporate effective strategies to stay ahead and grow in e-commerce.

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