SEO vs PPC – how do they go hand in hand?

In the current technological era, SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two major effective marketing techniques. Business vendors from all segments have advertised their business at some point in time.

Without the help of SEO and PPC, it is very hard to promote business. Especially, at present, every company needs an online presence. Without the help of this two advanced tool, it is quite impossible. These two tools are the basic factors for the online marketers. But in some certain factor SEO is a bit different from PPC. Let’s discuss the differences below.

The difference between SEO and PPC

  • SEO is one of the best ways to achieve business success with putting some extra effort. Whereas, PPC is another tool which helps to grab your targeted customer within a short span of time.
  • SEO makes your business growth easier. It brings your website the topmost ranking position on search engines and will help to promote your webpage. However, PPC helps in gathering huge traffic towards your site.
  • SEO is the organic way to generate better traffic and produce a good result. However, PPC is the paid way to generate heavy traffic towards your website.
  • SEO is the long-term process in which you need to wait for months to get your desired result. Whereas, PPC will give you a quick result. When you pay the amount, you will get the traffic on your website within a short span of time.
  • If you have a brand new website, then SEO is highly essential for your site. So for that, you can hire a reputed organization who works very hard for your website to bring you best-ranking position. Whereas, if you have a running website which is not giving you a good rate of interest. In that case, you can choose PPC to generate more traffic towards your site which brings more money and success.

What is the motive of SEO and PPC?

The main motive of both SEO and PPC are same, but the working procedures are bit different. If you hire professional SEO experts, then he will also effectively promote your product and service and work on your webpage to bring best search engine ranking. In some business, it requires applying both the methods. But before starting, it is highly essential to understand the value of both methods.

Do you think SEO is more efficient than PPC?

SEO is more efficient than PPC at some point of argument. Initially, PPC is very much effective, and it brings very good business, but it is for very short time. But SEO will give you result little later, but it works for a long time.

SEO requires little effort than PPC, but it works for a longer period. So it is the more maintainable factor to survive in the competitive market. SEO will also help you in maintaining the position in the market. This is the main reason why most of the businessmen prefer SEO rather than PPC.  But you can opt for both SEO and PPC for your business. It will be a much better option.

Which tool is essential for your business?

Both of the tools are important for every business. But the SEO should be given higher points in case of beginner strategy perspectives. In every business, the start-up strategy is highly essential; if you are tensed about your start-ups, then you can go for PPC for quick promotion and fame and then later you can go for SEO which will maintain your business fame for a longer period.

Reducing the server time

If you are using WordPress website, then I am sure you are looking for how to hire professional SEO experts. For that, you must check several online tools to check the WordPress site performance. But you still did not get your desired result. Well, in that case, let me tell you that a WordPress site complete depends upon the back-end as well as front-end development that also includes hosting.

Factors responsible for slow server response

There are several factors which are truly responsible for the slow server response. Some of them are pointed below which can be easily controlled by the site owners.

  • Distance between the visitors and the server
  • Hosting resources
  • Traffic
  • Database
  • Server software
  • Dynamic vs. static
  • How the Cloudways help to reduce the server response time?
  • Prefer the WordPress hosting wisely

You can reduce server response time for your WordPress by following the practices mentioned above. You need to seriously work on these factors to speed up your WordPress website.


If you are an owner of WordPress website then by following certain factors you can speed up your WordPress site. To grasp the topmost business position on the famous search engines opt for SEO and PPC and achieve huge business growth and fame.

Derek Iwasiuk
Derek Iwasiuk
Derek Iwasiuk is an active and experienced writer who has a vast knowledge of WordPress and online marketing. You can learn various articles of her related to reduce server response time WordPress and several online marketing tools.
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