5 tips when picking holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA

When planning a trip to Western Australia, you must pick the hotel or resort best suited to your needs. Most of the available holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA is booked out months in advance of the vacation season, indicating how popular it is as a tourist destination. During downtimes, the small coastal town on the Wilson Inlet is home to around 2 500 people, including world-famous basketball star, Luc Longley. In fact, Longley was the first Australian to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and subsequently won three consecutive NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls (famously led by Michael Jordan). During peak periods, the region often hosts several times its population size, such is its popularity during summer.

If you live in Western Australia and would like to explore more of your state, then this small coastal community is a must-visit. Once border restrictions begin to ease, the rest of Australia should soon be able to experience the joys of vacationing out of their own states. Here are several things you should remember when picking holiday accommodation in Demark, WA.

Finalise the size of your group

You must have all the numbers finalised before you start committing to specific resorts, Airbnbs or other forms of holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA. For example, if you’re travelling in a group larger than 6 and you wish to all be together, your best bet is renting out an Airbnb. This will be more affordable per person and give your group extra privacy! On top of this, you’ll get more freedom and access to whatever resources are available on the property (permitting the owner has allowed this).

Do you want to do your own cooking?

If your group wants to be able to do its own cooking, then you’ll want an apartment or a self-contained unit or cabin. Most hotel rooms won’t have this function, and you’ll generally be required to eat out or order takeaway for food. If you’re looking for holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA via Airbnb, make sure you verify that the unit or room has a fully equipped kitchen. Remember, there is a big difference between a “kitchenette” and a proper kitchen, so be careful when scrutinising the language.

Check multiple booking sites

Likewise, don’t limit yourself to one booking site. The last thing you want to do is pick a seemingly generous offer on one specific site, only to find the same option for a lot less on another site. Using several sites for holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA will give you a feel for prices and an adequate frame of reference. It’s also worth making an account with the site since this might grant you eligibility for specific rewards, points and discounts.

Reach out to the hotel/resort directly for discounts

Furthermore, once you have found a great rate through one of the booking sites, you should reach out to the hotel or resort directly, since they might be able to beat the price again! Many providers of holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA will prefer offering you a discount if you book directly through them since they won’t be charged a commission fee via the booing site you used.

Free cancellations are very helpful

Finally, it’s certainly worth pursuing holiday accommodation in Denmark, WA if the providers’ booking conditions offer free cancellations. While there will be several caveats with these conditions (like cut-off periods), you can still lock something in to ensure your trip will go ahead, while still being able to research your options. Should something better pop up, simply cancel the booking (giving the provider plenty of notice) and move the reservation.

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