10 Unique weddings: Inspire your creativity to find the perfect venue

Finding ideas for your ideal wedding can be frustrating. You may wonder where to begin. The smartest step to take first may be to educate yourself on the many options you have. Some of these you might not have even thought of. A synagogue or church is a top choice for a wedding full of purpose because 80% of weddings take place here. Hopefully, these ideas for wedding venues will help you plan for the perfect day or at least aid in making your creative ideas come to life.

Beach Wedding

Any wedding can be the experience of a lifetime as long as it fits your personality and a beach wedding is no different. If you enjoy taking long walks and a relaxing, summertime environment, this may be the best venue for you. Romance comes naturally as you sit on the beach with your significant other. Adventurous water activities abound such as snorkelling or boating. Besides these positive benefits, a beach wedding can be surprisingly low-cost.

Cruise Wedding

Getting married onboard a ship or even at an island destination is possible with a cruise wedding. A cruise will take you practically anywhere you want to go. It’s similar to a real cruise vacation if you choose to stay overnight. Plus your guests can enjoy a few nights on the sparkling water. Gaze into your one true love’s eyes and off into the sunset. This may be another inexpensive wedding option. Cost is something to consider since the average wedding budget is $20,000 while each year weddings cost a total of $72 billion.

Aquarium or Shark Tank

Couples who like deep sea diving and danger may want to pay attention. Be nearer to stingrays and sharks among other aquatic creatures. The water can make an interesting backdrop or immerse yourselves underwater and exchange vows in the undersea adventure of your life. Communication can happen with waterproof signs or with your heads above water depending on the specific aquarium’s rules.

Ice Cave

You can bring only a couple guests to this unique ice cave in Canada. Take a helicopter to this cool venue and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. Iceland is another place of mystifying ice caves, or take your vows by a waterfall or even in a big church. Not to mention the astonishing wedding photos that can be captured in this vast setting. This is a fabulous venue to take away the stress of everyday life. In calm, serene weather, this type of wedding would be great if you love the environment, science or just the majesty and scenery of a cooler climate.

At the Museum

As a wedding venue museums can be anything but dull. Historical statues, impressive sculptures and awe-inspiring paintings of imaginative love stories contribute to an artistic and romantic day. Guests can have a fun distraction with all of the activities a museum provides. The Museum of Civilisation in Ottawa, Canada is truly breathtaking. Original totem poles decorate The Grand Hall while a smaller wedding can take place in the Panorama Room where guests can view the Ottawa River.

Vineyard Wedding

Whether you travel to Tuscany, Italy or Wolffer Estate in New York, getting married in a vineyard is rustic while remaining elegant. In nature, among fruit and farm life, experience a winery characteristic of a classic film. Great food and fine wine will make you feel like you’ve entered a paradise like no other. Walking the vineyard is a peaceful, atmospheric way to spend an amazing day admiring the natural world around you.

Tree House Wedding

Forest dwellers and tree climbers will feel at home in the magnificence of a tree house wedding. Treehouse Point, located in Issaquah, Washington is a wondrous place to climb the stairs to a foliage-rich tree house. Live among the greenery like Tarzan and Jane at this amazing and exciting location. Treehouse Point even allows overnight accommodations.

Castle Wedding

Make your fairy-tale dreams come true by tying the knot in a real-life castle. Play the part of a king and queen in the spectacular castle of your choice. Nearly 60% of couples travel to a foreign country for their honeymoon while 40% pick the United States for their special get-away. Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland, for example, is presently a five-star hotel but was formerly the Guinness family home. Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, England hosts the Lakeside Marquee and Rose Garden and also includes gorgeous ballrooms and turrets.

Ancient Ruins

The Ruins at Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, Georgia may provide the southern wedding you’ve always dreamed of. The perfect storybook location complete with ancient ruins. Take your vows under the arch of greenery with wonderful, large trees of the south as a lazy backdrop to the most fantastic day ever.

Camp Wedding

If you participated in summer camp as a kid this could be your ideal wedding. Reminisce about nights out camping with the stars, roasting marshmallows and merit badges. Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin proves that a camp wedding can be elegant and even spectacular for the ultimate wilderness adventurer. Stay in a lodge, tee-pee, tree-house or log cabin. Have a blast attending a Kinfolk dinner or go to a creative retreat. The history behind Wandawega includes everyone from saints to sinners, a speakeasy and organised crime.

Weddings are meant to be beautiful

Istanbul, Turkey tops cities to marry in as it hosts 166,000 weddings per year with Las Vegas in second place with 114,000. Honeymoons may be more popular than they seem since 99% of newlyweds go on one. Even though your wedding is of the utmost importance try not to stress out too much over the details. Weddings are meant to be beautiful and fun. Remembering why you’re getting married in the first place should make it as special and meaningful as it should be.

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