World War II drama Enemy Lines starring Ed Westwick picked up by Good Deed

Enemy Lines, a World War II drama has been picked up by Good Deed Entertainment for North American release. The film will premiere in select theaters after a deal was made out of AFM and will also be on-demand this April.

The film is inspired by real-life events that follow a British commando squad in 1943 that collaborated with an American soldier on a covert operation to infiltrate Poland which is deep behind territory. The group crosses the unforgiving wilderness with the mission of abducting and extracting a Polish scientist from the German army that is a person of interest for all parties in the war. The scientist, Dr. Fabian, is said to hold vital information that could serve groundbreaking information for the Allied Force’s endeavors against the German threat.

Little does the ragtag company know, a German hunter unit and a Russian squad is tailing them, hell-bent on taking back, or in the Russian’s side, kidnap the scientist for their own plans. All of them are now in a race against time, for the ones that come out alive, a game-changing effort that will shift the war.

CEO and founder of Good Deed Entertainment Scott Donley says that it is a proud moment for their company to showcase this heroic World War II true story to moviegoers this spring. Donley added that 75 years ago, the brave soldiers that were part of the mission put their lives on the line to help end the war and the company is excited to show the story of these unsung heroes to audiences.

Good Deed Entertainment’s Robbie Chernow and Kristin Harris were part of the negotiations to acquire Enemy Lines together with AMP International representatives Nina Kolokouri and James Norrie that represented the people behind the film.

Enemy Lines stars Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl, Romeo, and Juliet, White Gold, The Crash), Tom Wisdom (300, Dominion, Hannibal), John Hannah (The Mummy Trilogy, Spartacus, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Trust Me), Pawel Delag (Schindler’s List, House, Viking), Kirill Pletnyov (The Priest, Friday, Collector, The Perfect Ones) among others.

The film is directed by Anders Banke with the screenplay written by Michael Wright. The World War II drama will be the first-ever English language film for Banke. Andy Thompson, Aleksandr Kushaev, Tom George, and Nadzeya Huselnikava served as producers for the film.

Enemy Lines will premiere on the 75th Anniversary of World War II’s conclusion.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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