Six Woolworths shopping hacks that will add cash to your wallet

Grocery shopping isn’t easy, particularly if you have a family to provide for and are grappling with preferences from different family members. A rise in both gluten and lactose intolerances has meant that shopping for the entire family just got a whole lot more difficult.

However, there are many ways you can make the whole process a lot easier, both in terms of time, stress and, most importantly, money. So, if you’re struggling to maintain a weekly grocery budget, here are several tips that could well be the difference.

Make sure you do your research before you spend big on the monthly grocery bill.

Know your local Woolworths opening hours

Woolworths Opening Hours
Fresh produce will go on sale throughout the day. Photo: hao ji, Unsplash

It may seem arbitrary, but knowing when your local supermarket opens and closes is really important. The reasons for this are simple. Firstly, knowing Woolworths opening hours can help you coordinate and schedule when you will do your supermarket shopping. For example, shopping right before closing can lead to a variety of benefits.

Often, supermarkets will have sales at the end of the day, particularly on fresh produce that can’t be kept overnight. If you happen to be in the store at that time, you may luck out and snag some perishable items for a heavily discounted price.

At the same time, however, very popular items may no longer be available or in stock, so if you desperately need an item, you’re betting off knowing your local Woolworths opening hours and getting in early before all the crowds.

Likewise, you can also plan your supermarket shopping in advance so you avoid really busy times. For example, avoid shopping between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays, as this is often when children are finishing school and parents are picking up groceries for dinner.

Shopping during school times or late int the evening is an astute choice, purely because it will be far less crowded – meaning you’ll be in and out of the store much quicker! As a result, knowing Woolworths open hours exactly can help you save a lot of time, money and stress when shopping for groceries.

Keep a current shopping list

Another great way to save money on your groceries is to keep a current, running shopping list. Knowing Woolworths opening hours is one thing, but knowing what you actually need is equally important.

As a tip, keep a comprehensive list of all your grocery items on your fridge. As you begin to run low on a particular item, highlight or mark that item on your list so you remember to stock up on that item when you head down to your local supermarket.

Go early for promos

Woolworths Open Hours
Get in early for promotions on breakfast foods and fruit options. Photo: Sylvia Zhou, Unsplash

If you look at Woolworths opening hours, you’ll notice that most stores generally open around 6am. Getting into the store nice and early will help you beat the early morning work traffic, as workers pile through the doors for last minute breakfast foods and work snacks. At the same time, a lot of fresh produce, like vegetables and fruits are often on sale.

Many supermarkets will advertise special breakfast deals and combos, so if you’re willing to get out of bed early, you’ll quickly find yourself tapping into some savvy bargains and deals. You can also find some great deals online so check out their website before heading down to the store.

Pay with cash

While knowing Woolworths open hours is important, knowing how you will pay for your groceries is another important consideration. The rise of credit has been at the expense of budgeting. It’s so easy to just put the grocery bill on your credit card and just think about paying it all back later.

However, it’s important to always be monitoring your consumption and your grocery bills. Instead, pay in cash and set aside your grocery money for the fortnight or month in a separate place, like an envelope or a tin. This way, you won’t find yourself constantly blowing your grocery budget.

Suddenly, you’ll have more money for rent or a special dinner at the end of the month. Either way, paying with cash is going to help save money in the long term.

Don’t shop with your children

Woolworths Supermarket during Opening Hours
Young children can cause more stress while shopping. Photo: Jomjakkapat Parrueng, Unsplash

Unless it’s absolutely essentially, it is best that you don’t bring the kids along when it comes time for the weekly shop. This is because children can be impulsive and will often pick things off the shelves that they want. It can be really hard to say no to a screaming, crying child who wants a bag of lollies or a block of chocolate.

This is why knowing Woolworths open hours is crucial – you can plan a time when you won’t have to be watching the kids and you can go shopping solo. Not only will this save you time and stress (you won’t have to be monitoring the children at the same time), you’ll get through your shopping at a much quicker rate!

Buying in bulk isn’t always the best choice

Woolworths Opening Hours Near Me
Look for discounts but be wary of bulk buying, it’s not always the best choice. Photo: Squirrel_photos, Pixabay

Buying in bulk isn’t always your best choice. Unless your family consumes a particular type of food at a rapid rate (like bread or certain types of dips), then you’re better off sticking to the standard size available. There is no point purchasing a litre tub of guacamole just because it’s on sale, particularly if your family doesn’t eat it that often.

Once the tub has been opened, it probably has to be consumed within a certain time frame (generally 3-6 days). Remember that the freezer is your friend and that you can freeze down items that may be about to go off, just to extend its life a little bit longer. You can do this with leftover dinner meals, bread, best pizza and many more items.

Clearly, there are plenty of shopping hacks out there when you’re shopping at your local Woolworths. It’s important that you remember your Woolworths open hours so you can plan your weekly or fortnightly shop in advanced, so you can tap into some nifty promotions and last minute bargains.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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