How online flyers can save you a lot of money when shopping

Everybody enjoys shopping, whether it be for electronics, clothing, makeup, decor or sporting goods. There is a certain type of thrill and energy that you can only experience when shopping. This happiness come from the release of dopamine in our system, making us feel good and encouraging us to go back for more. Often, this is where repeat purchases and buyer loyalty come in. 

In Australia, it’s pretty common for office workers to blow off a bit of steam during their lunch break with a spot of shopping. While mothers might like to combine some weekday grocery shopping with a stroll down the fashion and beauty sections, men tend to do more of their shopping online and on weekends. What is more obvious, however, is the growth in online shopping as a new way of purchasing the things we love for cheaper prices. 

One thing everyone loves is discounted prices. This is the ultimate shopping buzz for most people. The best time to catch a bargain is midweek starting from Wednesday or Thursday. The hump day draws out more people looking to escape from work for a while. Retailers are aware of shopper behaviours and align their promotions accordingly. Most stores distributing promotional flyers and leaflets will drop these midweek, as they know this is the prime time to get people into stores.

Online leaflets

We all know people who are serious about collecting store leaflets. Often, they like to plan  their purchases in advance based on discounted prices. There are plenty of websites out there devoted to informing consumers where all the new discounts are. This can be really helpful if you’re busy and don’t have time to spend hours perusing through different online catalogues. This makes shopping faster and more convenient. Indeed, it is because of this reason that I prefer to use online leaflets to find out about the newest promotions before my neighbours!

One of the main reasons online leaflets are more popular is because most people and companies are becoming more interested in environmental protection. Consumers are becoming more environmentally-conscious and ethical, so anything that is going to enhance customer value without harming the environment will be appreciated by more and more customers. 

Another benefit of using online flyer websites is access to catalogues that don’t get delivered to all homes. Many stores no longer deliver their flyers, leaflets and catalogues to all postcodes and some stores now only display flyers in-store.

Regardless, you can all get the latest promotions online and save money, while not missing out on the enjoyment of shopping!

How can I save more money while shopping?

Woman shopping for groceries
Photo: kc0uvb, Pixabay

Knowing where the best discounts are during the week is the first step in becoming a savvy shopper. The second step focuses on how you can save money WHILE shopping! Here are several top tips you can use to ensure you save money while shopping:

Find out where the discounts are before hand

It’s important that you find out where the discounts are ahead of time. Use businesses that list discounts to keep up to date. From this, you can create a savvy and cheaper shopping list. 

Write your shopping list before hand

Write down your shopping list in your notepad or smartphone before you leave so as to avoid unnecessary purchases or over purchasing a particular item you already have stocked. 

Get the family pack

Shopping with the family? Know what meal options are available in family packages ahead of time and purchase these options for the family. This goes for entertainment too, like movie tickets.

Don’t go grocery shopping while hungry

It may sound incidental, however, shopping for food when you’re hungry could result in unnecessary purchases. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach and your shopping trolley could soon be overflowing.

Don’t forget the lower shelves

Make sure you browse the lower shelves. Brands pay more for mid shelf displays, so make sure you browse lower shelves and you may be surprised to find competitively priced, quality goods!

Final tips

Reducing our expenses doesn’t end with our weekly shop. Good saving habits are more critical than ever due to the rising costs of living. Here are some further top tips for reducing your household expenses:

Weekly meal budget

What days will you cook at home? What will you cook? Set a day for eating out, and enjoy it! Keep control of your money! 


People on mobiles
Cut down on your phone bills. Photo: terimakasih0, Pixabay

Get in the habit of reviewing your electricity, phone and water bills. Make adjustments in usage where necessary.


Invest in a bicycle for your local shopping needs! Not only do you save money on car expenses, or public transport, but you also get regular exercise.

Shop smart, save money and enjoy life more!

Nicole Louise
Nicole Louise
Nic is a writer from Sydney, but spends much time abroad. She has a passion for health and wellness, technology, travel and business. She enjoys exploring new places and culinary adventures.
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