Why workplace flu vaccinations are repeated each year

There are many situations where commercial outlets will book in with workplace flu vaccinations before repeating the process 12 months later.

The spread of the flu is an ongoing threat to businesses who need to keep up with demand and prevent an outbreak that can cause serious damage to an organisation for the year.

The best managers and owners will already be a step ahead in this regard, ensuring they are introducing and reintroducing these medical professionals at a time when community health is vulnerable.

Why workplace flu vaccinations are repeated each year

Allowing for easy booking process

One of the major benefits for outlets booking in with workplace flu vaccinations each year is being able to complete the application with the same provider on similar terms. Perhaps the immunisation has changed itself given the different strains of flu that communities are challenged with each season, but the prices, the logistics and the scheduling can essentially remain the same from client to client.

This gives owners and operators a chance to engage a trusted medical team without having to go through the same assessment process every 12 months.

Protecting health of employees

The effectiveness of workplace flu vaccinations really do speak for themselves. So long as organisations are in the business of looking out for their employees, they will see that these solutions deliver a drop of 50% in the absentee rate and above in many cases.

From coughing and sneezing to headaches, fatigue, dizziness, temperature spikes and beyond, the risk of infection can be significant. This is why the intervention of a vaccine program is so beneficial on a macro and micro level.

Affordable health programRepeated workplace flu vaccination

The good news for business participants is that they can gather quotes from providers of workplace flu vaccinations and detail what their working budget happens to be. The cost of the initiative might feel like an imposition at the time, but it will be a big money saver when considering the potential impact felt by a flu spread inside the organisation.

In that scenario, the outlet will have to cover sick leave entitlements, cover for casual staff and a drop in productivity which always hurts the bottom line.

Reducing chance of community spread

It is very easy to think about workplace flu vaccinations in terms of the business community inside one centre and one location without considering the wider implications.

If there is one member who is not immunised and left vulnerable, they can spread the disease quickly through to courier partners, to customers, to family members and beyond before it impacts the enterprise in a tangible fashion. By taking action in this context, the brand is ensuring that it is helping the cause of themselves and the wider community.

Benefitting the brand image

There are many incentives that are on the table for workplace flu vaccinations, especially when it comes to annual booking opportunities. Yet it is the improvement of the corporate culture which really sees an impact moving forward.

Prospective employees are happy to work in a place that protects their health and stakeholders respect an enterprise that is not waiting to respond to a problem after it occurs.


Thankfully workplace flu vaccinations are simple and easy to book with trusted providers across the city. Once an approach is made, outlets are able to extend quotes that detail when they are available and on what terms.

There is potential scope for voucher programs where possible, but the best method is to register interest and oversee the vaccine rollout. Productivity levels should be boosted against competitors who bypass their responsibility and most importantly, professionals are happier and healthier as a result.

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