How to organise workplace flu vaccinations in Sydney

The idea behind workplace vaccinations is to reduce time missed from work. Workplace vaccinations reduce the likelihood employees get sick. In doing so, it minimises the amount of sick leave employees take. These benefits in reduced absenteeism naturally on flows to generate significant productivity boosts.

In some cases, vaccinations can be covered with workplace insurance. Providing this health care shows you care about your employees. In short, workplace flu vaccinations are a worthwhile business investment.

Among the many workplace health programs you can implement, choosing to have a workplace flu vaccination program is one of the easiest programs. The flu vaccine is only improving overtime and research shows it to be up to 70% more effective in preventing infection in healthy adults. Contrary to popular opinion, antibiotics do not fight the flu. Antibiotics are used to treat bacteria infections and does not work against viral infections such as the flu.

With workplace insurance, many common flu vaccinations are already covered under health plans. Choosing to utilise this productivity boost, especially if it’s free, is a no-brainer. Benefits can also vary according to the number of staff and employees. Yet benefits are across all business scales with maximised gains in large to medium sized corporations.

An effective workplace flu vaccination is best implemented using a flexible schedule. For companies with a large workforce, this is best arranged through the human resources department. Seasonal periods should also be considered. In Australia, flu vaccines are best administered in mid-April during Autumn to allow immunity to develop before peak season in June.

Corporate Care is a leading in-office flu vaccination provider in Australia and New Zealand. Corporate Care makes it easy for businesses by reducing the paper work and other hinderances to streamline the process. Bookings are flexible and can easily be arranged according to scheduling needs.

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Over the years, Corporate Care have established themselves as a reputable business that offers service above the standard. They carefully listen to each customer’s individual needs to tailor their service accordingly. Corporate Care offers services across Australia in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Regional Queensland, Adelaide, Tasmania, Darwin and even New Zealand too. Just in 2019 alone, Corporate Care have vaccinated over 45,000 employees in Australia and New Zealand across more than a thousand different work sites.

In addition to their vaccination services, Corporate Care is also a prestige nursing agency in Sydney catering to local and overseas stall. Because Corporate Care has a wide network of qualified medical professionals, they can supply registered, enrolled or assistant nurses and registered midwives to major hospitals across Sydney’s urban regions. To continue expanding their network, Corporate Care continues to regularly hire qualified nursing staff.

Depending on the scale of your workplace, you may have queries regarding service fees. Corporate Care can provide you with a quick and free quote. Simply provide Corporate Care with office site details, the number of employees, and any other relevant information you would like to tell them. If your business has more than one office location, include those details too with headcounts for each site. If you are enquiring about implementing a workplace flu vaccination program, contact Corporate Care today!

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