Why startups must invest in flutter app development in 2021?

Technology is leading our daily life and it is at the forefront of bringing some of the most unique and innovative solutions at our disposal. To be précised, the flutter App Development Trends are creating a big impact on every possible industry and business sector. Considering the current environment where every business is gaining huge recognition through a digital presence, it becomes a Hobson’s choice for every startup as well to pull the socks and join the race.

Here in this post, we have compiled a few reasons that make this very interesting tech trend to be a part of your startup journey.

Flutter; a quick synopsis

Technology is ever-evolving and this has created a beautiful space for app developers to build scalable app solutions. In this run, flutter turns out to be a promising framework that fastens the app development journey and saves huge bucks.

Sounds interesting???

Well, this was just a synopsis and there is much more this very framework has in store to make startups pick flutter more often than usual. 

Keep scrolling this post further to know why I am advocating and in favor of this new tech trend. 

Flutter an ideal choice for startup app 

 Let’s accept his fact that flutter has incredible efficiency and reliability that makes it a go-to tech trend in the current scenario for every business type. However, when it comes to talking about specifically for startups then surprisingly this framework fits in every corner. further, the maintenance, productivity, and on the performance scale, it is nothing less than a perfect choice. 

Still, if you are not convinced how about reading this post and find out the benefits yourself 

Expedites the development process

A mobile app is a process and not an event that can be built in a few hours or a few days. But the technology and other aspects involved in the app, take time. A startup looking forward to launching the app in the market faster and without facing the delay, Flutter is the best choice, as it ensures to run the app development process at a bullet train speed, and helps in developing a mobile app that runs faster on multiple platforms. 

An economical option

Every startup wants to save money, so the money saved can be invested in some other important aspect. And with Flutter, they get an opportunity to save the cost of development. Flutter comes with a code reusability feature, which saves time, and oodles of money while developing an app solution for two different platforms. A single code can be used to develop an app that runs flawlessly on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Web, and Desktop. And this reduces the development cost and app maintenance cost as well.

Flutter uses its own rendering engine

Flutter gives developers an opportunity to build an app that offers the best user experience. It uses Skia to render itself on the given platform and makes it easier for developers to install a Flutter-based UI virtually on any platform. Flutter utilizes its own rendering engine, allows developers not to change the UI while switching on to the other platform. 

Improves productivity with hot-reloading

Developers often face the trouble of making the changes in the app, and then load it to see the real result. And this takes time and effort both, but with the flutter, this issue does not exist anymore, where developers do not need to wait for the changes to be made. The hot reloading feature allows developers to see the changes made in the app instantly and makes any further amendments if required. This saves their time and efforts, and no prize for guessing but it enhances the productivity level to another extent.

Flutter is based on Dart

Not many know that Flutter is based on Google’s in-house programming language- “Dart”. This language is so simple to be learned and developers are no more troubled to learn complex terms.

Indeed, this very programming language is very clean and clear to understand with a standard and incredibly powerful syntax. It helps developers to build a robust app solution that is easy to maintain and work with.

Easy access to third-party plugins

A high-performing mobile app requires different technologies and the integration of plugins as well. With the Flutter app development, there comes a wide choice of free-to-use plugins and widgets, which trigger the smooth app development process. Also, the availability of the UI tool kit ensures to make the development process intuitive and flawless enough.

One code for two platforms

Yes, this is one of the most sought-after features of Flutter technology, which allows developers to maintain code reusability for two different platforms. This helps startups to get a solution using one single code for two different platforms and expand their business expansion plan.

A wide variety of widgets

For a mobile app to create an incredible interface sans screen size issues, is really a concern to be addressed. And this is well-taken care of by the Flutter app, as it holds a huge variety of widgets with extensive capability to let developers build complex interfaces without involving any issues.

Final thoughts

Well, every startup journey is different, and so are their expectations, but they all have a sole aim to grow worldwide, involving less time and less money. And to address these two concerns, the integration of Flutter app development is not a choice but a serious demand, that must be integrated with the business model. However, some of us still think that dodging out a mobile app for some time can help them plan in a better way. But what you must not forget that the more you are delaying, the longer will be the road for you to achieve your goals. And there are very fair chances in –between some other company would ace and get hold onto your customer base.

Why risk your business, when you can move and grow with the Flutter app development solution? 

Reap the best benefit of this framework, for your business and boost your digital presence.

Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith
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