Orlando Jones got the axe from American Gods, blames new showrunner

Orlando Jones is not coming back as Mr. Nancy on the third season of American Gods and blames the new showrunner for his apparent firing.

The actor went on the offensive yesterday morning when he posted a video on social media where he explained that he was booted off American Gods back in September, pinning the blame on Charles Eglee, the new showrunner starting next season.

In the video, Jones stated that Eglee allegedly felt that Mr. Nancy’s irritated and no-nonsense attitude was sending the wrong messages aimed towards black America and the actor thinks otherwise.

Jones also stated that the new showrunner had ‘a lot of black BFFS’ acting as his advisers and clarified that if they did not take out the Mr. Nancy character, he would insight a Denmark Vesey-Esque rebellion.

The actor went on to show his appreciation to Neil Gaiman, Michael Green, and Bryan Fuller the original showrunners of the STARZ television show. He thanked them for giving him the opportunity to be a producer and writer in American Gods besides being part of the ensemble. Jones also thanked his fans for the support as well.

The former Mr. Nancy actor also didn’t let Fremantle Media, the studio behind American Gods get a free pass, revealing that other actors of African descent like Nick Cannon, Mel B, and Gabrielle Union has allegedly said that working for them was a nightmare and treats them like second class citizens.

A STARZ representative did however got in touch with The Hollywood Reporter and said that Jones’ allegations regarding the manner in which he was let go were wrong and unfounded. The representative went on to explain that the direction of the show’s story was headed a different way coming into season 3 and that Mr. Nancy was not present in that part of Gaiman’s book, being their reason why he was not going to be brought back.

The representative also added that there were other new characters that have been already announced in the show that will be introduced next season which will further contribute to American Gods’ diversity on television.

American Gods is an on-screen adaptation of one of Neil Gaiman’s most popular novels that premiered on April 30, 2017, and has been touted as one of the better television shows that are currently active on television. The huge ensemble is led by Ian McShane, Ricky Whittle, Crispin Glover, Emily Browning, and Bruce Langley.


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Alain Ang
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