Where to get epoxy paint in Australia

If you’re looking for a way to enhance, protect and reduce the maintenance cost of your concrete surface – it might be a good idea to invest in a generous coat of epoxy paint. However, if you have no prior experience the you might be naive about the benefits this type of coating and a reliable place you can find epoxy paint in Australia.

The following businesses sell epoxy paint in Australia:

Rank: Business: Website:
1 Con-Treat www.contreat.com.au
2 QA Coatings www.qacoatings.com.au
3 The Painting People www.thepaintingpeople.com.au

Regardless of where you go to buy epoxy paint in Australia – the following will give you some valuable information why and how you should use it in your residential, commercial or industrial space.

What is epoxy paint?

An epoxy coating is a thermosetting polymer which makes use of a special epoxy resin as the binding material. It is normally made up from two primary chemical ingredients that are mixed shortly before application.

When it is mixed with a hardening or curing agent, the resin begins to cross-link and creates a highly durable surface with a lot of additional protective properties that help to ensure the surface can last a long time. Depending on the specific way you want to use it, this kind of coating can be formulated in different ways to achieve different outcomes.

The sum it all up – epoxy is chemical and acid resistant, abrasion resistant and is incredibly easy to maintain.

Where can you make use of epoxy paint in Australia?

You can use epoxy paint to apply a protective coating to pretty much any cementitious surface that you want. Most commonly, this type of coating is used on the floors of manufacturing facilities, industrial warehouses and commercial or residential garage spaces.

Epoxy paint is incredibly popular in these areas because of the many benefits it brings. For example, a floor with an epoxy coating is going to be much more slip-resistant than one that hasn’t been treated, making it less dangerous for yourself, your workers or anyone else you have using the space.

Contrary to popular belief, this kind of flooring solution isn’t ‘overkill’ on a residential garage floor or in a small business environment. The long-term cost saving benefits of epoxy flooring can be taken advantage of by just about anyone who makes routine use of a cement surface.

What are the advantages of using epoxy paint?

There are several distinct advantages of using an epoxy floor coating on your cementitious substrate. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Where to get epoxy paint in Australia
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Incredible durability

The most commonly cited benefit of using this kind of protective floor coating is the enhanced level of durability it gives any surface its applied to. When the solution fully cures after application, it is extremely solid and resistant to chipping or cracking that may occur without it. This kind of coating is used to protect surfaces where forklifts and other heavy pieces of machinery travel over it on a routine basis – not many other types of coating could withstand this kind of abuse for a few days, let alone the many years epoxy is relied on for.

Resistance to chemicals

Epoxy coated surfaces are also highly resistant to chemical spill and staining. This type of coating is so highly resistant to chemical exposure its even used on the interior of jet fuel tanks. Even in the harshest chemical environments, it is going to stay resilient and look as good as it did the day you installed it.

Easy to clean and maintain

Because this kind of coating makes the surface incredibly smooth and glossy, all spills and debris are going to simply bounce of it rather than soak in or get stuck in crevasses. This means that cleaning the surface is a simple as using a mop and a basic cleaning solution. Also, because it is stain resistant, you don’t need to worry about anything ‘soaking in’, so you could leave a spill on the ground overnight and it won’t do any damage!

Resistant to temperature changes

As well as being highly resistant to chemical staining, this kind of floor coating is also ideal for insulating against hot and cold weather. It is often used the coat areas around machinery that gets very hot or that comes into contact with fluids of an extreme temperature.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Using epoxy paint is also an environmentally friendly decision as the high durability of the coating means it won’t erode and dissolve into the surrounding environment. This helps to keep chemicals from seeping into the soil and having a negative impact on groundwater and vegetation.

Also, because it does not need to be re-applied or cleaned as often as other surface coatings, less chemicals and cleaning equipment is required overall. This means fewer chemicals in the air and less fuel used to power cleaning equipment.

Should you invest in an epoxy paint coating?

Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to determining the utility of applying an epoxy floor coating. If you have a cement surface that you intend to use for a very long time and that you know will have heavy objects passing over it – it is a very sensible investment.

It will also add to the re-sale value of whatever space you install it in as its benefits will carry over for the new owner. In short, it’s a long-term solution for making a cement surface as safe, effective and long-lasting as possible.

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