Update your conventional business style with these apps in 2018

Businesses are changing thanks to the advancement of mobile applications. As these tools grow more prevalent and powerful businesses are starting to run even more smoothly than in the past. This is because by automating tasks you’re able to stay more organized. Automation also streamlines processes, which in turn makes your business more efficient and productive. Today, you’ll find a lot of different apps on the market that will help you with these things and more.

Cloud-based apps

Cloud computing apps allow everyone on your team to share files, organize ideas, and stay up-to-date on the work that’s taking place. Dream Host suggests the following:

G Suite allows you to share your files between your computer, tablet, and smartphone. You’ll have 30GB of online storage for each user but you can upgrade to have unlimited storage. You can use this space to create and store documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings. There’s also a free, professional business email included here.

Ship Station is great if you work in e-commerce because it will streamline your shipping process, which will save you a lot of money. You can get order alerts, process them, print their shipping labels, and track the shipment. All of this is really easy to use – you can even integrate it into WooCommerce and Shopify Streamline.

Survey Monkey takes the guesswork out of determining what your clients want. Now you can measure customer satisfaction and get anonymous feedback on things like your pricing, website, and if you haven’t met any specific needs. All of this is managed by you through the surveys you create which range from simple to complex.

You can collaborate with the rest of your team while creating these surveys then everyone can share the results and reports too. Furthermore, if you want to share these results with others you can also email them, share them via social media, and post them on your website with great ease. Another nice feature here is the creation of templates with your brand name and logo on them.

Proven allows you to easily conduct virtual hiring. The UPS Store highly recommends this app to many small businesses today because of how important this type of hiring is too small businesses. Since this is an ongoing task that takes up a lot of time, Proven has found a way of making it easier by allowing you to post your open positions to over 100 different sites. You can also centralize your list of preferred candidates and have the hiring info with you wherever you go. This makes the hiring process faster too.

You’ll also want a conference calling app on iPhone and Android like Slack or UberConference. These apps have simple, clean user interfaces so you can conduct conference calls, share documents, and host chats. You can even integrate these with a lot of other third-party apps like Google Drive, Asana, and Giphy. In other words, these apps scale quite well so that no matter how large your business is you can still use it.

Apps for Android Users

When you’re not quite ready to make the move to the cloud there are still some great apps that can help you run and manage your business. If you have an Android device, Android Authority says that you should check out the following apps:

Asana is a to-do manager that you can use to assign tasks to your team. You can even make comments on these assignments and include attachments.

CamScanner turns your phone’s camera into a scanner for scanning documents, business cards, receipts, or anything else. It’s delivered to you in a PDF that you can edit before sharing it with whomever necessary. You can also pay for a faxing option.

The Google Drive Suite of office apps provides support for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, and notes. Since these are all cross-platform they’ll work on both your smartphone and your computer. You can even integrate these things into your Gmail or Google Calendar. Microsoft Office Suite offers a similar suite of apps.

Newton Mail is a great email app that supports most types of email accounts, as well as many other apps and services like LinkedIn, Evernote, Todoist, OneNote (Microsoft), Pocket, Trello, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Asana. This app also includes great features including a calendar, undo sending, and two-step verifications for security. As such, it makes your email really powerful.

Square Register is a simple point-of-sale system with a magnetic strip reader. The basic system is free but you can pay for better options. This isn’t an up-front payment. Instead, you pay 2.75% per purchase. Many e-commerce companies find this worthwhile because you can also track inventory, send receipts, apply discounts, issue refunds, and check out real-time sales data.

Some Apps Just for Mac

Sometimes as a Mac owner, you may feel all alone when it comes to finding the “best” apps to help you. However, these do also exist. According to Noobpreneur some of the apps you should check out for Mac include:

Adium is one of the best communication apps for Mac. You can use it across various communication platforms including Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, WhatsApp, and Slack. The app is also customizable, making it even easier to keep all of your communication in one area where they adhere to your personal style and preferences.

OmniFocus is a task management application. It has a lot of features that help streamline your daily tasks – even its interface is simple and smooth to use. With it, you can see your work from various “perspectives.” You can even drag and drop tasks from iMessage or use Siri with it.

With all the apps that are available today, you should be able to find ones that will really help your business. Once you start using them you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t start using them sooner. Many people are pleasantly surprised by them. You will be as well.



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