Apps that will make your work day easier

These days, it’s hard to imagine not owning a smartphone. Smart devices are considered to be an integral part of our lives.

You will often spot a job advertisement requesting you to own a smartphone device, or the lady at the bank will notify you that it’s easier to pay your bill through your bank’s app.

Like it or not, smartphones are here to stay. And they can make your work easier. The trick is simple – use the right apps.

Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Productivity

Smartphones were invented to make our life more convenient. That’s why mobile app developers always try to come up with innovative apps, which can easily be used on the go.

Instead of constantly carrying around your heavy laptop, you can now actually do some real work on your mobile phone. Increased usage of mobile phones is often considered to be unproductive and a waste of time.

That might be true if all you do on your mobile is hang on social media or things like checking the weather and collecting apples to unlock the new bonus in a game.

But, if you take a second and look at your mobile as a real smart device, you might be able to increase your work productivity.

Useful Mobile Apps For Your Business

1. Trello

Organizing your time and daily tasks can be stressful. Instead of running around with a pen and paper, try using Trello – mobile/desktop app which allows you to easily organize your projects and prioritize tasks.

Trello’s interface is easy to use and it consists of a number of boards. Each board can be personalized and allows you to make lists, which consist of cards. Trello Cards are the actual notes/tasks and can be labeled, shared among team members and easily moved around the board.

For example, you could make a board for your weekly tasks, which would include a separate list for each day of the week and add a card for an upcoming project or task. This way, you will always stay on top of your schedule.

apps for smart phones
Be more productive with these apps. Photo: Maridav, Bigstock

2. Slack

Similar to Trello, Slack helps you to keep your business organised. This is an app that can easily connect your whole team and make team conversations much simpler.

Slack allows you to organize team conversations into “channels” and allocate a different project to each channel. It also allows you to hop on a quick call with your work buddies or integrate with other services that you already use.

Let’s say you have a website launch project coming up, you could create one channel for general information to notify your whole team at once.

The best thing about Slack’s chat is that it works just like a regular messaging app – once you have a new chat message, the notification will simply pop up on your smartphone. And, Slack even has public chats, which allow you to access various public topics.

3. Scannable

Scannable is an app that allows you to easily scan a document with your mobile phone. It’s currently one of the most popular free mobile scanner apps, mostly due to its simple interface.

As soon as you open Scannable, your mobile will automatically try to locate a document. Once the document is located, Scannable will simply snap a photo and leave you the option to add more pages.

This app works fast and allows you to quickly name, edit or remove scans that you don’t like or need. You can integrate it with your Evernote account or share your scanned items via email.

One of the most popular features is the ability to store your scans for 7 days. So, let’s say you scanned your document but need to access it again, Scannable will store it for you in the “Recent” section.

Although smartphones cannot completely replace your work computer, having these apps can be useful, especially when life gets really busy and you have no choice than to work on the go.

However, downloading them does not mean that you should work 24/7. It’s important that we keep a healthy life balance, so, maybe organize your work apps in a separate folder, and on your free time keep trying to unlock that bonus level in your favorite game.

Tatjana Milcic
Tatjana Milcic
Originally from Belgrade, Serbia but now based in Sydney, she is a writer and a digital marketer but also a true Star Wars fan, who lives and breathes everything digital. Contact: [email protected]
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