6 hot apps for Android users

Whether you are an Optus, Samsung, Sony or Huawei user, you will want to make the most out of your smartphone. The market of Android devices continues to evolve with applications that have more storage capabilities, less bugs and added features, making the range of choice a headache for consumers.

Here we will examine 6 of the hottest apps for Android in 2018, but blink and you might miss them!

Perfect Viewer

When it was first conceived, Perfect Viewer was considered a great portal for comic book aficionados who wanted to read their content on Android smartphone devices. Yet that central purpose has been somewhat overshadowed by the added features that makes it an essential item.

The library management functionality allows an image and PDF viewer to link with an ebook reader, ensuring that documents, text copy and attachments can be digested with incredible efficiency.

If that wasn’t enough of an excuse to include Perfect Viewer on the list, then the matter of storage can be bypassed with accessibility on DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive to leave the content in the cloud. This is so much more of an asset than just a handy means of viewing comic books.

Google Play Music

Spotify might hold many of the cards when it comes to a music streaming service for smartphones, but Android users would be just as well served tapping into Google Play Music.

No less than 50,000 tracks can be catalogued on any single account to make it an attractive library for music buffs. Download it on your Android phone today and feel free to login to any other Android device in the future to access the same music.


Weather apps appear to be a dime a dozen and deciphering which one actually delivers the right data and forecasts can be a tricky game. Where many fall down is the inclusion of added features and graphics that takes away from the central objective – inform the user about the weather.

1Weather achieves that with pure simplicity on Android. The free version comes with advertising while a subscription of $1.99 will make it commercial free.


While it is still $9.99 per month for Australian users without any commercials on a basic subscription, there will never be a better time to download the Netflix app on Android.

That deal is sure to be upgraded in the future, making it great value right now to stream movies, documentaries and television series on the smartphone. The user interface ensures a quality viewing experience, especially for those binge watchers on the go.


Just about everyone between the ages of 13 to 30 will know/have the Snapchat app. It is ideal for users who want to have a bit more fun with their social media communication than what Facebook Messenger or Twitter has to offer, allowing for added enhancement features.

What makes Snapchat so attractive is the disposable nature of the content, discarding communications seconds after they are viewed. This saves a tremendous amount of storage space on your device while having a ton of fun for Android users in the interim.

LastPass Password Manager

Amid all the fun and features that comes with Snapchat, Netflix and Google Play Music, there is the serious topic of data security. If you are like the majority of users online, you will have a variety of passwords for various accounts, from banking to email and news subscriptions.

LastPass Password Manager can be downloaded from Google Play, ranging from free use to $12 annually. One master password will safeguard all of your passwords under one safely locked domain.

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