Top 10 amazing creation of 3D printing which you can create

Not long ago, printing was just for documents. But with technology moving at such a fast pace, today you can print objects using 3D printers. That’s right; a complete object can be created from a small digital file!

Although 3D printing technology is still in its nascent stages, many engineers in various sectors have made basic models that are affordable, and even put them to use.

Since people are now able to see pictures coming into reality and how beneficial it can be for our world, many are making use of this technology in unbelievable ways.

Along with the rocket scientists who came up with 3D printing, individuals who do not have a background in engineering and design are discovering new uses for this technology.

Earlier, when the revolution started, it was simply used to build small plastic models. However, as the technology grows we are discovering new uses for 3D printing that can be used for more practical and innovative applications.

Below are some of the wonders that a 3D printer can create:

  1. Organs– Scientists are using 3D printers to create perfect replicas of human organs. These are currently models created using gel-type materials that resemble the living tissue found in a human body.Currently, the innovation is in its initial stages, but medical scientists are working towards the possibility of bio printing living cells. This would be a kind of framework, where living cells can grow as they grow in the human body.So, if machines are able to create human organs, transplant patients will not have to wait for donors for organ transplants.
  2. Prosthetic limbs– Although prosthesis is already being used in many medical institutes, the creation of prosthetic limbs is highly complicated and very expensive. Aesthetically the results are also not that appealing.With 3D printing technology in place, engineers can build prosthetic limbs that are more attractive and ergonomically accurate by creating exact replicas of original limbs.
  3. Food– Even food can be printed using 3D technology. And the food created via 3D printers is not only for show purposes – people can actually eat it.One of the biggest advances in this field was made by NASA, who are trying to create food for astronauts. One of the best things about the technology is that the printing plate can be heated, so the food is cooked while it is being printed.
  4. Textile– The textile industry has always been linked to 3D printing technology. With this technology, you can create fabrics using flexible plastic filaments.It is definitely a greener way to create clothing. The 3D printing technology is less laborious, shortens production time and creates recyclable material, which makes it more efficient environmentally.
  5. Buildings– Chinese scientists have recently created a two-block structure and a villa using 3D technology in one day. These buildings were constructed by using industrial waste and pieces of construction.Since recyclable material is used for the construction, building homes through 3D technology is both affordable and environmentally friendly.Also, since there is no use of materials like wood or stone, the building process is faster and creates low amounts of waste.
  6. Jewellery– 3D printing has also entered into the world of jewellery. If you are worried that your jewellery would be made of plastics, then don’t be.The 3D printing of jewellery includes the use of gold, silver and diamonds. The 3D mould is printed and then taken to a casting facility for the metal of your choice to be poured over it.Once the mould is created, a gem is inserted to finish off the diamond ring.
  7. Automobiles– 3D printing technology is taking the automobile industry in its grips. Recently, some students from China created a race car using 3D printing technology.The speed of the car is as good as a normal race car, reaching 160 kilometres per hour, and the body weight is less at 220 kg. The car was created with a combination of fibre and plastic.The 3D printer created the parts in one single job rather than requiring different bits to be put together.
  8. Generators– Your phone needs to be charged all the time in order to keep working. A hand-cranked power generator has been created by a company with 3D printing that can produce the power to charge small electronic devices.
  9. Bike frames– For bicycles, frames are a serious affair. Therefore, the strength, design and weight are critical elements. Recently, a 3D printed titanium bike was created that is 33 percent lighter than a regular racing bicycle, as well as being strong and corrosion free.
  10. Guitars– 3D printing technology can also be used for creating customized guitars for musicians. In fact, it is a highly convenient option for them.All you need to do is tell the manufacturing company the colours and materials you like and they will create a customized guitar for you.
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