Popularity of 3D printing: When will it be mainstream?

Across the globe, 3D printing technology emerged as one of the most talked about topics. With greatest expectations, the technology is touted as an innovation that is intended to transform almost everything.

The 3D printers are used by the engineers for rapid prototyping for almost three decades. 3D printing is also known as rapid prototyping additive manufacturing. This technology is certainly revolutionary and it offers various potential benefits.

By using the technology, three-dimensional objects can easily be created using different materials like metal, carbon fiber, or plastic. With the aid of this highly developed technology, intricate prototypes products can easily be develop.

The 3D printing technology is continuously evolving and the 3D printers are capable to create intricate prints in everything from tool sheets to plastic. This cutting edge technology has the power to potentially assist in many of the world’s biggest problems.

But there is the issue of who can and should have access to this technology. These printer are still quite costly, and they also have the potential to be quite dangerous, for example the printing of guns and other weapons. It is certainly going to be a while until this technology is on the top selling gadgets list!

3D printers do have the capacity to produce weapons. Photo: Belekekin, Pixabay.

Benefits of 3D Printing

The popularity of 3D printing technology has significantly increased in the past few years. There are a number of factors that contribute to this. 3D printing is certainly more popular in businesses and organisations as opposed to individual use. This is because businesses have better resources to get the most out of this technology.

Some of the factors are discussed below:

  • It is possible to create the prototypes more quickly using the technology which helps the manufacturers and designers to alter and improve the product design.
  • The 3D printing will facilitate the manufacturers in creating complex designs and shapes that cannot be manufactured using traditional manufacturing procedure.
  • By using the 3D printing technology the prototype or the final product can be created using fewer tools, unlike the conventional manufacturing procedure.
  • Using the 3D printers complex designs of any shape and size can be created. Also, the models created by the 3D printing are of high quality and appear close to the original product.
  • The products and prototypes manufactured are very light in weight and have a sturdy build.
  • Using this high-end technology, a high quality product can be created using various materials like silver, ceramic, plastic, metal, paper etc.
  • By using the 3D printing technology the designs of the objects and prototypes can be customised to the requirements without any complications and incurring additional manufacturing expense.
  • When comparing to the traditional procedures the 3D printing creates less wastage of the material.
  • The 3D printing technology is environmentally friendly as it utilises less power and because of the reason, it is considered as a sustainable technology for future.
benefits of 3D printing
3D printing certainly brings a lot of benefits to the table. Photos: Lppicture, Pixabay.

What’s Next for 3D Printing Technology?

In the present times, the 3D printing has grown as a potential industry that continues to evolve and create a new market. 3D printing is gradually gaining popularity and many organisations are adopting this technology.

With the continuing R&D in the field of the 3D technology, it is expected that the 3D printing will develop further and become much affordable and easily accessible for intricate manufacturing. Developments in 3D printing are occurring hand over fist, so it is likely to see these changes quite soon.

It will help improve the organisation’s efficiency and productivity to a greater extent along with offering a competitive edge over competitors. In the present times, the 3D printing technology is widely used for designing and creating intricate product prototypes.

3D printing offers endless possibilities and many uses. It is a technology that is gradually gaining popularity and making ground over other competing manufacturing technology.  In the present times, the innovations with the 3D printed products are found in wide range of industries from the engineering, aircraft, entertainment, healthcare, education, fashion etc.

3D printing technology
The future of 3D printing technology is certainly very bright. Photo: Stock-Asso, Pixabay.

The 3D technology is certainly revolutionary and in the near future it has the potential to complete change the way we live. It will also prove to be beneficial in many ways for the manufacturing organisations. However, this technology is still evolving and many it requires a lot of initial investment in adopting this technology which not all organisations can afford.

The 3D technology is extensively used today for creating prototypes but is not being used for creating mainstream production everyday products for the different industries. The potential for this technology is still substantial and it will be interesting to see the developments to come.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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