The top 3 all-in-one desktops of 2017

All-in-one desktops can be confusing to navigate with a number of different configurations over the past year. The minimalistic design which includes the monitor and CPU in the same cases make them a great choice for those seeking simple yet powerful, which is why we’ve compiled the top 3 all-in-one desktops available.

1. The Microsoft Surface System

Microsoft has been successful in revolutionising the desktop experience by developing the new 28-inch all-in-one surface system. It revolves around a sleek design that is very minimalist, alongside a screen that can be easily used with a digital pen. This all-in-one desktop is perfect for the artist or illustrator looking to push and expand their creative boundaries but at a somewhat expensive price.

This surface doesn’t use the latest in Intel Core i7 processes and uses the 2016 NVidia GTX 900 series instead; however, this is still miles ahead of Apple’s current output. The downside to the Microsoft surface system is the premium price associated with it. At its lowest, it will cost at least $4,000 but even this configuration is extremely powerful. For anyone looking at a high-end all-in-one desktop, the surface system is no joke.

microsoft computer
This computer is perfect for an artist or illustrator looking to create perfect work. Photo: Cincinnati – 5/17: Microsoft Retail Technology Store. Jonathan Weiss, Bigstock.

The design is the epitome of sleek characterised by simplicity and complete elegance. It uses a simple grey on chrome colour and texture with a subtle line at the foundation with provides cooling to the different parts contained inside. The only down side to this minimalistic design is all USB 3.0 ports are on the rear of the desktop, lacking any USC-C or Thunderbolt ports either.

Drawing and writing using the surface system is impeccable with different angles, pitches and tilting levels manageable. The touchscreen is considered perfect with the exact amount of resistance against your touch to make it feel natural. The surface dial is also a complimentary peripheral that gives instant access to many physical controls without having to draw you out of the immersive drawing process – however it is limited to Microsoft programs, lacking access to key apps such as Adobe at the moment.

2. Dell Precision 5720

The Dell Precision 5720 is one of Dell’s latest takes on all-in-one desktops and workstations, offering a 4k touch screen that makes it a great choice for any creative artists. Featuring a dark grey machined aluminium chassis, it is sleek in its design, cloning the design of the rest of the Dell XPS all-in-one line up.

From the outside it offers six front-firing speakers but four downward-facing speakers at the bottom. This all-in-one starts off cheaper than other alternatives at around $2,000 and can cost exponentially more depending on what you include.

The 4k touch screen is very reactive to the touch, with an attractive and crisp display. It is natural to use the screen with on-point accuracy and little latency when using tools on the computer. It comes alongside a necessary stand that allows users to manipulate the desktop into any angle possible.

You’ll find that the Precision’s hardware packs an Intel Xeon processor which is paired with AMD Radeon Pro graphics. The level of the hardware scales with the amount you’re ready to invest in this all-in-one machine.

best dell computer
This computer is probably one of Dell’s best. Photo: JacobLund, Bigstock.

The Dell Precision 5720 does suffer and have flaws when it comes to port placement. The rear port consists of an audio-out port, four USB 3.0 jacks and a set of USB-C ports that can use Thunderbolt, alongside other display connectors.

However, these rear ports are difficult to access due to the design of the stand and its arm. The Precision lacks an optical drive, however there is an easy to remove cover on the back to exchange the memory and hard drive, making the Precision an extremely easy to upgrade machine.

The Precision is easily capable of any kind of artistic development and shows respectable multimedia benchmarks making it a prime tool for creative artists. It is a versatile machine with a premium sound system and hardware to record, game-develop and illustrate.

3. iMac 21.5-inch (2017)

The Apple iMac 21.5-inch is a prime example of sleek and excellent design, using maximum power with minimal space. The iMac all-in-one has long been a staple in the industry with many competitors aiming to surpass it. This particular specification has 4k retina display for the 21-inch range which creates bright, clear and contrasting displays.

Inside the iMac itself is the new Intel Kaby Lake processors which are built to order with different cores and gigahertz. These new processors make a large difference to older models with leaps in power and processing time. The iMac’s Radeon pro graphics card is perfect for anyone multitasking, whether it is graphic intensive work when designing or perhaps editing videos.

best mac desktop
This computer has great power and processing time is quick. Photo: Kaspars Grinvalds, Bigstock.

When it comes to ports, the new iMac 21.5 inch contains two USC Type-C ports that are compatible with Thunderbolt, making it one of friendly all-in-one ports with ease of access. The iMac remains the same in cost and will now price at around $1,500 making it great value for any individuals looking for a general all-in-one desktop that can double up for any kind of developing or creative processes.

The beauty of Apple is that every product works almost seamlessly together. If you are thinking about purchasing this computer, you should consider purchasing the latest iPhone to go with it.

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