Development trends that can make your iPhone app successful

We all know how cool Apple’s products are, let it be the iPhone, Macbook, iPods, etc. 

iPhone has created such a place in the market for itself that it is a matter of royalty that everyone dreams to have and own it.

 iPhone is undoubtedly the most used Smartphone in this world. Also, its sleek look and price are not just the aspects, users are attracted to, but the gush of features it provides is spell-binding. 

But it doesn’t stop here, but the safety and security offered along with are unbeatable and unmatched. These aspects affect the users’ choices and make people grow fonder of it. 

On the other hand, the applications on this device, help businesses to stay engaged with their targeted audience and help them achieve the best through their offered services.

With around 2.2 Million apps available on App Store, the scale of profit attained by businesses is beyond imagination.

However, with an app making entry into the Store, every passing hour, do you think it is easier for an app to survive easily?

Of course not, your app needs to have the perfect mix of technology and trends to woo the targeted audience. 

In this post, we have accumulated a number of iOS development trends, that can help your app to stand out from the rest of the applications.

Let’s take a quick look at development trends, that must be a part of your development journey…

Swift 5.1

As a developer, you must be aware of the engaging spectrum of the Swift programming language. In this run, there has been a constant evolution, and the last updated Swift made entry was in September 2019. Swift 5 has extended the set of stable features of the language.  Undeniably, Swift 5 lets the Swift runtime to be included in current and future versions of Apple. And it can easily be implemented with the different OSs, such as macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. 

It also has introduced new capabilities, and has helped in building blocks for future versions, consisting of re-integration of String. Also, it lets the inclusion of exclusive access to memory during runtime, new data types, and further support the dynamically callable types.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Siri

The most liked personal assistant for smartphones is Siri!

Since the implementation, Siri has gained huge prominence worldwide. It has opened a new door to contextual learning and helps users to experience technical innovation. It understands what users are searching for and speaking. This is the major trend in the apps for iOS currently. No doubt, AI has become a crucial system in the development of many advanced and featured applications.

Core Machine Learning

One of the widely talked about the trend is Core Machine Learning!

You might be wondering what Core Machine Learning is? Thus, to simply explain it, Core Machine Learning is a machine learning framework launched by Apple. 

This is very essential for all the tasks related to the camera, QuickType or Siri. 

While developing an iPhone app all developers need to do is add a few codes to improve the security of the application. This helps in enriching its features. Core Machine Learning provides a level of communication applied to all iOS gadgets. 

With this, developers can develop highly interactive apps. Also, Core Machine Learning is useful in face detection and developing AI-based games.

Augmented Reality (AR) and ArKit

Augmented Reality is one of the most important featured systems for iOS app developers. Due to the advancements in trending technology, the primary focus has been shifted to ArKit. 

The purpose of ArKit is to help in the development of 3D and virtual reality-based applications. 

ArKit has only one aim, and that is to offer the unparalleled experience to the users, through the means of technology.

It helps developers to utilize robust frameworks like ARKit and RealityKit, and creative tools like Reality Composer and Reality Converter. Further, it allows users to bring their ideas to life in an AR environment.

User-friendly Apple pay

With Apple Pay, the concept of cashless has become easier and convenient. Through this, iOS users can make payments much easier and faster with high security. The users can be totally tension free of the security issues and can make purchases hassle-free. 

Apple Pay is quite easier to work with Apple devices.  As it further helps in securing purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web. Also, it lets the users send and receive money from friends and family right in Messages. 

No doubt, it’s very concept is simpler and easier to be used, than a physical card.

With this, the users can book flight tickets and make a hotel reservation. As mentioned earlier that Apple does not compromise on the security front. Hence while developing an iPhone application you can easily implement Apple Pay in your application.

Hybrid Apps

In this present technological stage, it is very essential to have a cross-platform adaption ability as with the emergence of new devices and systems it requires inter-changeability. Also, these types of apps can be substituted by the new and more advanced tools including NativeScript and React Native, to name a few.

This would aid in resolving issues concerned with performance and user experience. Moreover, it will also help you in developing hybrid apps that will have better interfaces and UX.

The final thought

While developing apps for iOS you must ensure that Apple is very specific about the changes and updates. Thus, by keeping these trends in mind, you can get a perfect app developed for different businesses.

Also, you must ensure that you are associating with a leading app development company like Techugo, to integrate the latest development trends.

With this hope, that you have got some engaging information related to the latest technology trends in the iOS development field. I would end this post here and wish you would be crafting successful and flourishing apps.


Jason Potterfield
Jason Potterfield
Jason is a senior Android developer in Australia. He holds great expertise in latest and advanced Android technologies, and ensures to integrate his skills into the mobile app development process.
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