Tips for hiring a suitable app developer for your mobile app projects

Smartphones are an integral part of today. Most people use their smartphones for basically everything, from their wake up alarm, to their fitness, business, health, friendships, religion, relationships, recreation and so much more. The cool features on these smartphones are basically the apps pre-loaded or downloaded onto the smartphones. New apps are being developed daily and with these new apps, new smartphones features are bound to pop up as well.

If you have an idea for a great app, one that is sure to be the final solution to that specific nagging problem, or you’re trying to develop that next new cool, indispensable feature, your idea isn’t all you need.

Every app is just as good as the developer or the developing team as the case may be. Just as an idea is nothing without proper execution, an idea for an app is only as good as the developer or team. Your app developer or team can make or break your idea, ensure the success of your app project or seal its fate as dead in the water.

Hiring a suitable app developer isn’t as complicated if you know the right steps to take and the qualities to search for. In order to hire a suitable developer(s) for your mobile app projects, you need to put a few things into consideration. Here are a few tips you would want to consider;

What kind of app project do you have in mind?

When deciding who to hire for your mobile app project, it is quite important to consider the prospective developer’s strong suit. If you are thinking of enlisting the help of a developer, you must first be sure of your target platform(s). If you want to develop an app for Android or IOS or both, this should influence your decision to hire a developer or team. Some developers are proficient in both platforms, and with the increasing popularity of cross-platform app, one might be tempted to hire a developer that can do both; two for the price of one.

This is a false assumption however, as the best user experience is achieved with a developer that specializes in only one platform. If you decide to work with a team of developers though, this is no issue as the team is most likely to have a specialist for both platforms. 

Location of the developer

Great developers are available around the world, although the location of a developer or team may greatly influence the price, for example, developers in the U.S are more likely to be more expensive than those in Australia or eastern Europe, the location of the developer may also greatly influence communication, a lot of elements might end up lost in translation when working with a developer that doesn’t speak the same language as you. Hence, it is imperative you consider the location and language of your prospective app developer.

Assess developer’s portfolio

A job well done is a developer’s biggest asset, and for a prospective client, it provides an insight into the developer’s style, a peek into the developer’s creativity, and assurance of the developer’s skill. A portfolio also provides you with information on just how much experience you’re getting to work with. A portfolio also enables you to gauge public opinion on your prospective developer or team’s previous projects, if their apps are doing well in the stores, how many stars they are rated and so on.

List of previous clientele

A successful developer or team of developers would have a list of previous clients with whom they previously worked. In addition to the portfolio, previous clientele further familiarizes you with the type of team or developer you’re working with. A developer or team of developers with top rated clientele shows a high quality and commands a certain level of confidence. This might come at a steeper price, but the assurance of quality is well worth it.

Estimated time of delivery

When working on a mobile app project, timing is vital. Is important the complexity and function of your project is communicated with the developer, this will ensure that the developer or team is aware of your timeline and will work accordingly.

The number of hours, days or weeks required to work out your project also greatly influences the cost as most developers charge by the hour, hence, a mobile app project requiring days would cost much more than one that takes a few hours.

When hiring a suitable developer for your mobile app project, you need to weigh the nature of the project and then decide if a team of developers would better suit you than an individual developer, but if you are not pressed for time or have a limited budget, it would be better to opt for an individual developer.

Terms and pricing of the project

While selecting prospective developers to work with, you must consider their term. Terms such a price, IP ownership, level of communication, timeline of the project, payment structures as well as handling of sensitive information are all terms you must consider and discuss with your prospective developer before hiring them.

Amateur developers may often quote a price below the average market price, this doesn’t necessarily mean a simultaneous decrease in quality, it is often a strategy used by rookies to get their stuff out there and make a name for themselves faster, so if you’re lucky enough to find a rookie with the required skills and specialties at a reduced cost, verify their proficiency and hire them. 


this is quite necessary, although the process of app development is one that makes it easy or even normal to bypass documentation, when trying to hire a developer or team, the need for proper documentation that may be used to improve the app in future.

The process of hiring suitable developers for your mobile app project is not one that should be rushed or done carelessly, your choice of developer or team directly influences the final outlook, feel and interface of your mobile app project. Hence when hiring, careful consideration and information are vital in making the right selection.

Ifeanyi Ezeofor
Ifeanyi Ezeofor
Ifeanyi Alex Ezeofor, is a multi-faceted ICT developer who drives the team of developers to accomplish her vision and everyday task. He is passionate about the use of technology as a tool and also seeing technology being done right. He was also a winner of the developer-focused competition powered by Intel®. An App Innovation Contest event spanning 20 countries in different regions.
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