Tips for marketing your mobile app like a Pro in 2018

Marketing of your mobile app is not something that you plan on developing and launching it. To make your mobile app successful in the present scenario, you need to take marketing very seriously from the time you have the app idea in mind.

Thus, to get the returns for all the time, energy, and money you spend on building the app, mobile app developers need to plan for the pre-launch marketing campaigns as well as the campaigns you plan to run during the launch and post-launch.

Your app may be very good, but you need to expand its reach so that all know it and they can explore it. The only way to gain the interest is through effective marketing.

Here we share some practical marketing tips that will give you continuous growth and make your app a success in 2018.

Tip #1: you can use other apps to make your app discoverable

Other apps such as Product Hunt in combination with Twitter may be used for marketing. For this, you need to market their products and on Product Hunt and then tweet them through Twitter. This allows you to get your app on their platform and gain traction of people discovering new apps.

Tip #2: you need to use your social media skills

You can use social media for your benefit by including video testimonials, call to action from influencers (such as mascots, coaches, famous alumni, or fans) to share why they like and would recommend your app.

As word of mouth travels like wildfire, you can use YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your app and make the campaign new age, stylish, and edgy. Your social media content can be made attractive for users by adding audio, videos, and live chats. Also, add fun parts such as GIFs and motion pictures to keep the users engaged.

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After posting don’t forget to pin your social media posts routinely, thereby promoting your app and increasing its visibility amongst the followers.

Tip #3: display your app prominently on your website

Along with other content, your website is a great place to promote your mobile app. Your website may be the digital home for your core fan base, receiving a huge part of the traffic for your programs.

You can add a banner advertisement or a press release to drive these fans to your new one-click go-to mobile app for all latest updates instead of logging on to the website from computer or mobile.

You can also place the information about your mobile app in particular “Fan Zone” section of your website which mostly has all social media information.

Tip #4: you should leverage guest blogging

The main purpose of marketing is to gain more exposure and audience, who will then download your app and become users. For this, you need to work very diligently and patiently. One way of doing this is by leveraging the visitors to other websites by creating content for them that directs them to your website and app.

This opportunity is offered through guest blogging where you can post content on an extensive variety of blogs and technology publications, relevant to your niche, and reach more people. However, avoid being overly promotional in your guest blog posts and provide the readers with quality content to learn from so that they stay hooked. While including your bio, include the link to your app and website, if possible.

Tip #5: collect all needed information about your target users

If you want your mobile app to be successful, you need to be thorough with all information about your target users. This includes geographical location, age, gender, and preferences. For example, to market a spa app, you can target malls, families, and middle-aged women, while for marketing a baby app; you need to target young mothers and fathers in your area.

Tip #6: hold contests and offer freebies

Let’s face it. We all love free stuff, don’t we? So, you can consider holding contests related to your app and its functionality to attract more downloads and offer handouts to the winners promoting your app. These handouts can include a list of endless products that can be easily made such as t-shirts, caps, headgear, bands, etc.

For example, if it’s a sports products app, you can hold a contest and give away sports bands to all those who participate in it. This may involve initial small investment but can attract enough participants to increase downloads.

Tip #7: include five star rated influencer reviews and third-party feedback

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People mostly check the reviews of the app before downloading the app. Ensure the complete and orderly functioning of your app features and make it bug-free, easy, and fast to get positive reviews.

Be sure to ask for feedback and reviews from all happy users. You can contact bloggers in your niche, members of the media, and influencers in your industry and ask them to try and review your product.

You can also use third-party feedback, i.e., feedback from another similar app developer and use their platform and similar apps to gain customers by using cross-promotion to market each other’s apps. Of course, you should be careful to check the reputation of the third party to get proper genuine feedback.

Tip #8: optimise your app for the App Store

App store optimisation (ASO) is another important step that enhances the visibility of your app on the app store. For this, you need to use the right keywords while writing the app description and use other ASO techniques.

To wrap up

Mobile app developers need to brainstorm your marketing strategy to be able to do effective marketing as getting more people to download your mobile app is not a cake walk. Your perseverance pays over time if you keep moving forward. Hope that using the above tips you can market your mobile app like a pro in 2018 and beyond.

Juned Ghanchi
Juned Ghanchi
Juned Ghanchi is the founder of IndianAppDevelopers, a mobile application development company which offers to hire app developers for mobile solutions. He has a long-term experience in writing articles related to app development.
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