Why choose Android for your next mobile app development project?

Mobile applications have grown rapidly in the last decade after the introduction of smarter mobile devices. Today mobile applications have turned into a necessity since it provides everything that a user needs in his/her day-to-day life. These mobile applications are divided into two major platforms that are iOS and Android.

According to the latest statistics, 8 out of 10 working devices in the market is supported by the Android platform. This makes Android the most dominant platform in the world in regards to the app count and the number of users around the world. Since there are so many users to please, Android ensures that the platform supports all kind of technology that can make the experience of the user better with the application.

Android platform is an efficient platform to develop your mobile application of you is looking for an application where you can integrate customized solution in the application. Here are some of the major advantages of Android platform that can help you in mobile application development.

Easy adoption and launching

The Android applications are comparatively easy to launch than its rival the iOS applications. This platform allows introducing different applications in the app store without any restrictions. The Android applications are developed using Java that is easy to learn and even a programmer who has enough knowledge in Java can develop an Android application. This makes the Android platform easy to adapt and hence an efficient platform to publish your application on.

Open source

The Android application is open source and free to use for any developers or users. This means that Android doesn’t have to pay any royalties to the technologies that they use on the platform.

This factor gives a lot of liberty and freedom to the developer to integrate custom development solution and features into the application. The enterprise application which requires a lot of customization can be developed on this platform without any hassle.

Multi-distribution channel

The Android applications are developed at a large magnitude and these applications are published across different channels without any problem. The android applications are found on many web-based app stores where you can find applications that are related to certain categories.

If you are a developer then you can create your own app store and only publish the application that you have developed. This can give a significant advantage to expand the horizon of app development and app marketing.

Next-level testing

The Android applications are easy to integrate and the SDK allows the developer to run and install the application on the device each time you compile the application. This gives an edge to the developers where they can test their applications on multiple devices without any additional cost making the platform cost-effective. Hence, developers starting out with mobile application development will find it very easy to develop in Android.

Larger market audience

Surveys suggest that the Android applications were downloaded 90 billion times in the previous year. This number suggests that the app download rate of Android application is more than the iOS application and since Android runs on a larger number, it is prone to bring in more users than its counterpart, the iOS. On the Android platform, paid apps can generate great profits for the application is efficient. Hence it is important for a business to develop an efficient application for their business.

There are many companies like Vrinsoft Android app development in Melbourne (Australia), San Francisco (the USA), and London (the UK) which are considered the most popular IT hub cities around the world. The Android application can be helpful in growing your business since it promises a larger audience base and a medium to develop efficient applications. The above-given reasons suggest that Android platform is an efficient medium to develop your mobile application.

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