Australia is officially space-ready!

As of this week, Australian Space Agency has officially started operating. That’s right – Australia now has a dedicated space agency. After years of lacking behind in space research, with newly established ACA is on a mission to transform Australian space industry and save a spot in a global race for a trip to Mars.

The Australian version of NASA is now live and actively operating, however, with a smaller budget. Australian government invested $41 million Australian dollars into the new space agency over a four-year period. Now, although this number might sound a lot to an average citizen, in space budget, this is actually quite low, but enough to get Australia in the space game.

The newly-established agency is expected to create new opportunities for Australian space sector and kick-start domestic space research and development department. According to the head of Australian Space Agency, Megan Clark, the first 12 months will be dedicated to international engagement and befriending other space-active states and territories.

Australia Space Agency’s goal is to expand Australia’s role in space

Australian Space Agency is focused on further development and improvement of space data and technologies. As times are changing and the world has significantly evolved in the technological field, the Agency aims to bring Australia closer to modern achievements and develop successful and globally respectful Australian space industry.

The idea is to transform the space sector and bring credibility. The more Australia conquers space, it will automatically provide more job opportunities and with it, support economy. The Space Agency will be responsible for the establishment of the national policy and strategy for the civil space sector including coordination of the domestic space activities.

In addition, the Agency will aim to support the growth of the Australian space industry and inspire the next generation of Australian spade entrepreneurs. As Megan Clark explained, the main purpose of the Australian Space Agency is to transform and grow the space industry while engaging and collaborating with other states and territories.

Australia has a competitive advantage in the global space sector

The review of the newly established agency was submitted to the Australian government back in March and it outlined that despite being a rookie in the space industry, Australia does have competitive advantages when it comes to global space sector.

Australia’s strengths include highly developed communication and technologies sector such as Space Situational Awareness, Navigation and Timing infrastructure, advanced integrated Earth observation satellite data and more. In additions, strong national R&D sector as well as leadership in the field of robotics and autonomous systems are also some of the country’s main advantages.

Megan added that the ground segment is also Australia’s strategic advantage as the country cover 12 percent of the earth rotation than’s to its unique positioning. As the Agency has just been established recently, the Government is yet to decide where the main base will be located.

And while all Australian states are trying to portrait themselves as the ideal location, Clark explained that Space Agency will be operating from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, located in Canberra.

The main priority is to position Australia as an international leader in space research

Michaelia Cash, Australian Minister for Jobs and Innovation pointed out that the new Agency will eventually create around 20,000 new job vacancies across high-level jobs. Although new jobs will be created, the main priority of the Space Agency however, is to establish space strategies, communication technologies and ground stations that will allow Australia to gain international leadership in the space research.

Moreover, the Agency aims to improve Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) infrastructure, Earth Observation services and general research and development sector. Overall, the new space program will have a positive impact on both Australian economy and position in global space research.

Australian Space Agency is established with a goal to improve and increase space economy and current predictions promise that by the 2030 th Agency will triple current space economy.


Tatjana Milcic
Tatjana Milcic
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