We reveal the secrets to cleaning the carpet well in just a few minutes with do-it-yourself products

With these tricks, cleaning your carpet will be child’s play. You will have a perfect result in a few steps, without too much effort. Find out now how to proceed.

Our well-being also passes through the cleaning of the house. Many surfaces can become a perfect receptacle for germs and bacteria. Constant cleaning and hygiene are essential, we have understood this even more in over a year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hobs, desks, tables, floors and shelves are prone to dust accumulation. A real problem for mite allergy sufferers. It is important to sanitize well, with the right products. With children in the house, the commitment is double. When they are very small, they bring objects that have fallen to the ground to their mouths. Keeping the floor always shiny is, therefore, a must.

On the market, there are many products for cleaning the house. Some, however, can also be prepared with do-it-yourself methods, following grandma’s advice. For example, a good degreaser is obtained by preparing a mixture of bicarbonate and lemon.Tips for cleaning the carpet yourselfIn this article, we want to give you useful tips for cleaning carpet well. Let’s talk about the textile used to embellish the interiors of houses. It usually covers floors or walls. It is very beautiful to look at but requires special cleaning precautions. But, with these tricks, it will be a breeze! Find out more.

Grandma’s tips for cleaning the carpet at home

To keep the carpet in excellent condition, it is important to carry out routine cleaning, 1-2 times a week. Let’s discuss commonly what are the actions to follow.

  • First step: use the vacuum cleaner. You have to pass it carefully over the entire carpeted surface.
  • Switch to actual washing. After dusting, you need to wash the carpet. You can use 100% natural products. Here is a foolproof grandmother’s remedy. Spray baking soda on the carpet and let it rest for a few moments. Once this is done, vacuum to remove it. This is a real dry cleaning.
  • Alcohol washing, a valid alternative. Instead of baking soda, you can use a soft cloth dipped in a do-it-yourself solution based on alcohol and lukewarm water.

These are the steps to follow for ordinary cleaning. The technique changes if you want to thoroughly sanitize the carpet, at least once a year. Again, you can do everything yourself for the preparation of the products. Here’s how you need to proceed.


  • 1 litre of water
  • 1 glass of vinegar
  • 1/2 glass of denatured alcohol

Preparation of the solution. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Stir well with a wooden spoon. Once this is done, pour the mixture into an empty, clean spray bottle. For some more stubborn stains (coffee, ink, grass, soil, wine etc.) we recommend using sparkling mineral water and adding more vinegar. By doing so, the degreasing action will increase.

What to do, however, for the grease stains? They are a big problem with the carpet! Again, there is a very effective grandmother’s remedy. If the stain is recent and therefore still fresh, use rice starch to absorb it and then use a soft-bristled brush to remove it. It will go away in no time! You can also use the same method for carpet cleaning and curtain cleaning.

The carpet is very nice, perfect for decorating the interior with an extra touch of elegance. Cleaning it has never been easier with these tricks. What are you waiting for then? Try them now.

The ultimate guide to washing carpets at homeCarpet cleaning and washing secrets

A clean, fluffy rug makes any home feel welcoming. Often, however, the spots tend to appear precisely in the areas of the house where we feel most comfortable. Let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to avoid dust, stains and grime after a takeaway or movie night at home (and removing this type of dirt from carpets and rugs is harder than tile and laminate).

Once we know how to do this, cleaning carpets and rugs will be as easy as drinking a glass of water. This easy guide tells you how to wash carpets at home, so read on to find out how to vacuum carpet and how to clean carpet and carpet using quick and easy DIY methods.

How to clean the carpet: useful tips for cleaning carpets and rugs regularly

A busy family life allows crumbs, dirt and, of course, dust, to accumulate in carpets on a regular basis. Not to mention those inevitable spots that appear when you least expect it. The secret to keeping a carpet clean and shiny? Proper periodic cleaning. Rearrange your household chores and start washing the carpet at home using the tips in this guide on how to vacuum the carpet, how to clean rugs and carpets, and more.

  1. Vacuum the carpet. Remove dirt and dust with a powerful vacuum cleaner. We recommend the Philips cordless vacuum cleaner. Its 360 ° suction brush sucks quickly and powerfully in all directions, while the LED lights on the brush detect even the most hidden dust. When you pass it on the carpet or carpet, be sure to set the brush to carpet mode, so as to best remove the dirt.
  2. How often should the carpet be vacuumed? Make sure you vacuum at least twice a week on the most trampled areas of the carpet or carpet (e.g. those near the front door) and at least once a week on the rest of the carpet or carpet.
  3. Thoroughly clean rugs and carpets at least once a year. Of course, should it start to look particularly dirty, a deeper cleaning can be done more often.
  4. How do I clean a carpet or carpet in-depth? Washing a carpet or carpet is the best way to clean them thoroughly. Here’s how to wash carpets at home in 8 simple steps: 
  • Remove as much furniture as possible from the carpet or carpet. If you have furniture that can’t be moved, be sure to protect the feet and bases from the cleaner. 
  • Vacuum before deep washing, so you won’t push dirt and dust into the carpet fibres as you wash it. 
  • Did you notice a spot? Read the guide below to deal with any stains before washing the carpet.
  • Now it’s time to wash. For best results, use a carpet and carpet washing machine. Always read the label and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When using a new product, always test first on an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet or carpet. 
  • Have you ever mowed a lawn? This is a good way to wash carpet and carpet in depth. Start at a corner near the wall and move from one end of the room to the other, then back off in the opposite direction. Take it easy: the soapy water must moisten the entire surface well before it can be absorbed, and this takes time. DIY carpet cleaning
  • Eliminate dirty water.
  • Repeat the previous steps until the rugs and carpets are clean. To avoid detergent residue on the carpet, fill the machine with clean cold water and repeat the above steps. 
  • Let your carpet dry naturally. Make sure it is completely dry before placing it on top of the furniture.
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