The Ranch: 7th and final season gets premiere date

Ashton Kutcher’s Netflix series is returning for its 7th and final season.

Fans were distraught when news broke that The Ranch is finally wrapping up after its 7th season. Nonetheless, the show’s avid viewers are looking forward to season seven premiere date. Well, now we know that it’s just weeks away as the first half of the 20-episode season will start streaming on September 13.

The 7th season will mark the end of Colt Bennett’s story as a retired football athlete who went back to his roots at a ranch outside of Denver, Colorado. After his short semi-pro football career failed, Colt decided to accompany his parents Beau and Maggie Bennett in managing the family ranching business.

In the series, Kutcher stars as Colt, along with Sam Elliot who plays his father Beau and Debra Winger as his mother Maggie Bennett. Starring opposite him as his fiance Abby Philips.

The show’s creators Don Reo and Jim Patterson decided on a two-part series for its last season. The second 10-episode part will be released in 2020. The Ranch marked the first sit-com series that streaming giant Netflix produced.

Danny Masterson — Kutcher’s That 70’s Show co-alum — was a mainstay in the series as Colt’s brother Rooster Bennett before he was dropped from the show by the end of Season 3. Dax Shepard stepped in to play Luke Matthews to replace Masterson’s character following the resurfacing of the actor’s rape allegations from the 2000s. The derailed actor is currently facing new lawsuits from his four accusers for allegedly stalking them to cover up the rape controversies.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
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