Tom Felton had fans worried because of ominous cryptic Instagram post

Harry Potter alumnus Tom Felton recently shared a vague but ominous post on his Instagram account that has his fans worried.

It’s not uncommon for people let alone celebrities to share their misgivings and struggles on social media. And it seems that Harry Potter alumni Tom Felton is the recent victim in this phenomenon.

The actor went on to Instagram and just posted a vague but seemingly dire black photo captioned “I give up with you”. This led his fans to speculate if something was bothering or wrong with the actor.

People online started speculating that it might be because of Emma Watson, while others thought it could be about Brexit, while others had assumed that the actor might be having difficulty with his mental health. Regardless of the cause, his fans flooded his Instagram feed asking if he was alright or if anything was bothering him and sent him some much-needed love. Since then, Felton has posted a few photos and seemed to be okay.

A portion of his fans thought that the dreary post was because of Emma Watson who apparently is not following Felton on Instagram anymore. Fans has speculated for a long time that Felton and Watson had been dating secretly for years, and fuel was recently added to the fire when Rupert Grint, their fellow Harry Potter alumni shared in a recent interview that he could see Tom and Emma dating.

During his interview with Entertainment Tonight, Grint was asked about the alleged Felton-Watson dating rumors that blew up in social media last August. While there was no tangible evidence of an actual romantic relationship between Felton and Watson, the two have been seen by fans spending a lot of time together.

Felton posted a comfy photo of him and Watson playing the guitar in South Africa on Instagram which birthed a million questions in their fans’ minds like why are they spending quality alone time in South Africa together? Are the two filming a movie together? Or are they just dating for real? Lots of questions never got answered even though Watson and Felton were both single at that time.

Rupert Grint’s comments just added fuel to the rumors but quelled the fire so to speak saying that even if he thought that it is likely that the two can date, nothing has happened as of yet. Grint went on to explain that the two had chemistry on the Harry Potter sets and that there were some sparks though they were very young at the time.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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