The 7 most iconic fashion designers from Australia

Australia’s fashion industry is one of the rapidly growing and vibrant industries. There are many homegrown fashion brands that are not just known locally but also around the world. Fashion designers in Australia draw inspiration from various sources and this has allowed them to be unique. Over the years, the designers have brought many noteworthy brands that are unique to Australia.

Today, the number of internationally-recognized designers from Australia is huge and it is always growing every year. The following, however, are the 7 most iconic Australian fashion designers you should know about.

We Are Kindred

Georgie and Lizzie Renkert started this brand that has become one of the most established Aussie brands. The two sisters came from different professional backgrounds but they shared a common interest in fashion.

We Are Kindred has a great selection of women clothing. The designers focus on giving a unique touch to their designs and most clothes in the brand can be easily distinguished. The designers have floral designs and other nature-inspired aspects. The brand is thus a great choice for leisure clothing.

Alex Perry

Alex Perry is undoubtedly among the most famous Australian designers. He has a great footprint in the industry having been trained as a fashion designer. His work has been recognized by many and it features severally at the red carpet.

There are many clothing items that are associated with Alex Perry including gowns and jeweled corsets. He is renowned for creating a nice blend of jewelry and clothes. As reported by Bikerringshop, the ultimate fashion trend in the modern day is a great combination of jewelry such as rings and other accessories with clothes. Alex Perry does this extremely well, hence why is a reputable brand.

Frederick Fox

Frederick Fox is known for designing iconic hats for members of the royal family. Fox designed numerous hats for Queen Elizabeth over a long course of time. He also worked for Princess Diana for a while.

His work as a milliner also extended outside the royal family. Even though his brand came into the limelight through the work he did for the royal family, he was initially fascinated by the idea of making memorable women’s hats. His collection numbered several dozens of hats over his career.

Toni Maticevski

Toni Maticevski is popularly known for his iconic costumes and performance brands that have been featured in numerous events. Maticevski started his career in the late 20th century as an innovative designer who was not focused on the mainstream.

Despite focusing on a niche fashion sector, his work earned him accolades and he has worked with numerous dance institutions. His work is also featured severally on top Australian Fashion events. His work has over the years grown to include various female clothing items including silhouettes and other items that are part of the Maticevski brand.

Kym Ellery

Ellery is an iconic brand that was launched by Kym Ellery in 2007. Kym was inspired by 70s designs and she created this brand to be a modern version of this fashion era. Her ingenuity and ability to transform well-known designs into unique items have earned her a great reputation in Australia and around the world.

Her work is often showcased in Paris and other major fashion events around the world. Big names in the entertainment industry including Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and Elle Fanning have worn Ellery. Kym is also not shy to use unique textures that are sourced from Europe in her designs.

Alice McCall

Alice McCall has created some outstanding fashion items for women that are easily recognizable. This brand is known for bringing to the market many reputable print designs and high-end women clothes.

The brand is well-known for its marvelous playsuits and dresses. The brand has been created to suit the specific occasions where elegance and uniqueness are involved. The items that are included in this brand are usually pricey but they are worth every penny.

Lisa Ho

Finally, Lisa Ho was born in Albury and she introduced herself to the fashion world in the 1980s. She is known to be behind numerous brands that encompass almost every aspect of womenswear. Lisa Ho is such a huge brand that she has been honored several times in big events.

Over the years, key figures in the entertainment industry have worn her brands. Lisa Ho is an iconic Australian brand not just because of her quality work but also due to the sheer quantity of her designs. This holistic focus on the wider market is what has secured the reputation of Lisa Ho.

Mike Smith
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