Taylor Swift, Andrew Lloyd Webber collaborate for “Cats”

We’ve got exciting news for musical fanatics out there. Legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and pop sensation Taylor Swift have co-written new music for the upcoming film adaptation of “Cats.”

While the film adhered closely to the theatrical classic when it comes to its musical aspects, an entirely new song from the duo will be introduced. The forthcoming on-screen version of the 1981 stage musical will feature “Beautiful Ghosts.”

“We wrote 90 percent of it pretty much over an afternoon,” Lloyd Webber says about the song as per Variety. That goes to show the two musical artists definitely hit it off. However, there were no prior talks about collaborating between the pair. But as fate has it the song was brought about spontaneously.

It all started when Swift gave Lloyd Webber a visit last year to rehearse her performance of “Macavity the Mystery Cat.” The singer stars in the Cats movie as Bombalurina. At the time it just so happened that Lloyd Webber had already come up with a new song’s instrumental basis. It was brought up at some point in their conversation and when he played it on the piano, Swift started to improvise its lyrics and vocal elements. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

“Taylor got to the essence of what the piece is about. It’s not an ordinary lyric,” the musical impresario recalled. According to Lloyd Webber, director Tom Hooper was immediately impressed saying that he found Swift “absolutely extraordinary because it’s as if she really has understood the central message of the piece.”

The new song will be played over the upcoming film’s credits roll.

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