Liam Hemsworth moving on from Miley Cyrus, Sister-in-law got his back

For most people, family comes first, and that also goes for the Hemsworths as Liam’s entire family has his back.

Model-actress Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth’s wife, and Liam’s sister-in-law talked to Hola! Magazine regarding her brother-in-law.

According to Pataky, Hemsworth was a little bit down but has been coping pretty well ever since the split happened and stated that he’s a very strong man and deserves much better after how everything fell into place. She added that everyone finds support in your family and that is why they are there to catch you during tough times which is why his brothers have been there every step of the way to give him the strength he needs to move forward. Pataky has been married to Liam’s older brother Chris for eight years now and has three beautiful children together.

Hemsworth filed for divorce this August after a tumultuous relationship and a marriage that barely grazed an entire year to Miley Cyrus. On the other end of this high-profile breakup, Cyrus has since been dating singer Cody Simpson who was previously linked to another breakup but was debunked immediately.

Meanwhile, Hemsworth has been linked to actress Dynasty‘s Maddison Brown. Radio Online reported that the actor was seen enjoying an outing with Maddison Brown just this October in New York City. A source close to the situation told Radar Online that the new couple has been working hard to make their relationship private. The source explained that the two have been away from each other most of the time but make it a point to meet up either in Toronto or New York and spend quality time together.

The source also shared that Hemsworth could not believe that he missed the experience of having a normal relationship after his roller coaster of a relationship with Cyrus. The source added that the actor was pissed when the photos of him and Brown in New York surfaced and have made further steps to keep their rendezvous behind closed doors, the total opposite of Cyrus’ overtly public relationship with Simpson.

Earlier reports stated that Cyrus was ‘devastated’ when Hemsworth unfollowed her on social media and went as far as to attempt to get his attention by drunk dialing him and broadcast her new relationship with Simpson more on social media.

Radar Online’s source chimed that Hemsworth has been washing his hands off her and was just rolling his eyes, which apparently has made Cyrus crazy. The source explained that she thought that they would eventually get back together but Hemsworth unfollowing her on social media was him saying that it was indeed over between the two of them.

Now that he has found some normalcy in his life and a new and discreet relationship, Hemsworth has now been able to catch a break, recently seen surfing in Malibu with his older brother Luke.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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