Tati Westbrook defends palette review

After Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru uploaded her review on the Makeup Revolution (MR) collaboration with Emily Noel aka Emily Noel83, she didn’t expect to be torn apart online.

On the 2nd October, Tati uploaded her review on Emily’s collaboration with MR in the form of two palettes- The Needs, a face and eyeshadow palette and The Wants, an all eyeshadow palette with a plethora of colours. However as you many of you may know, Tati’s negative review exploded into YouTube drama.

Check out Tati’s original palette review here.

Predictably, many fans were upset over Tati’s negative review of Emily’s collaboration. This was only made worse, as many perceived Tati with a sizable channel of 4.7 million subscribers used her influence to put down Emily, a smaller YouTuber of 1 million subscribers. Tati was then hit with a barrage of negative comments and videos by other YouTubers using profanity to insult her character. While Tati’s review could be best described as negative, she did appear to be honest and may have had a bad batch of the release. Emily herself, took to Twitter to condemn those responsible for the online abuse.

Since then Tati has responded to the alleged online harassment.

Tati begins by stating she does not welcome drama into her life and has driven the direction of her channel to focus on the makeup in the form of honest reviews. She explains that being in the beauty industry she “has grown thick skin” however the comments she received in response to her initial review “crossed the line… and came from such toxic place that (she) disabled comments”. Although Tati could have definitely put more effort in making the MR collaboration products work for her and should have swatched a larger range of colours, in no world is it appropriate to subject someone to the level of online abuse she faced. As members of the beauty community, we have to remember that different products work for different people.

With so many double standards perpetuating in the industry, is this a case of “if Tati liked the palette, she sold out” and “if she didn’t, she hates Emily”?

Annie Li
Annie Li
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