Why you should take private dance lessons if you want to dance

Many people will often avoid the opportunities to dance due to embarrassment or a failure to understand the enjoyment that comes from it. Taking private dance lessons allows the individual to learn how to in a closed environment away from any potential embarrassment. Learning in a private space will allow the individual to develop the required skills before doing so in public.

Dancing in general is a great way to learn a new skill whilst gaining general wellbeing in the process. It’s also a skill that will regularly come in good use at parties and other events. Whilst it is unlikely that anyone at any stage will partake in a full routine, learning how to will mean that when the music does come one, you will be able to move in time.

Taking private lessons has benefits beyond that of just the movement required and can improve overall health from both a physical and mental standpoint. Not only is it fun, but dancing has great health benefits too! So why should anyone take lessons?


Many people think that they may look silly when they dance due to a lack of coordination, social constructs or just because they don’t know how to. Taking lessons will help to reduce the embarrassment and improve confidence.

The individual taking the lessons will learn how to move properly on the floor, gain a sense of coordination and start to worry less about how they look and more about how it feels. Dancing is a great way to let go and just be yourself.

Made for You

Having the class made for the individual is a great way to ensure enjoyment. Once the goals have been identified by the instructor, the program can suit the individual perfectly and target their weaknesses whilst also using their strengths to their advantage.

Additionally, the lessons and focus points will change and adapt according to the progress made so that there is never a moment of too much repetition. This makes dancing fun and aids in development so that those who take the class can dominate the rumba or the cha-cha, whatever the situation.


Dancing is a great way to exercise in a relaxed environment. It can often be a mental struggle to go out for that run or get to the gym after work but dancing can make exercise fun. It uses the whole body so that nothing is missing out on the great workout.

Dancing involves both strength and cardio exercise and therefore is a great all round workout. Even taking private dance lessons, doing it with a friend (or a couple of friends) can be a great idea so that everyone gets their weekly exercise in.

private dance lessons
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Fast Progress

Because the lessons are one on one or at least with a smaller group, the teacher can put more time into each individual. As touched on before, the program will be tailored to each member of the class (however few) and therefore progress will be fast tracked.

Even better, any questions that the individual has with any part of the routine can be brought up and worked on for any length of time until it is right. This ensures that you are getting the most out of the lesson and develop into the best dancer possible, regardless of the beginning level.

Relieve the Stress

One of the great benefits of dancing is that private dance lessons will help to relieve the stress that has built up at work. Focussing on something new that is fun will take the mind off all of the stress from work and family and allow the individual to just focus on the task at hand.

Because it is such a good workout as well, the brain releases endorphins and this will only help to make you feel better as the dancing continues. Doing a private lesson with friends is also great because it further takes the mind off any stresses as all of the focus is on learning the routine and having fun.

No Distractions

It can be hard learning to dance and often requires a lot of focus. Having a large group of people in the room can be distracting, especially if they are often talking. Taking private lessons allows those in the class to just focus on the routine and feel the music as they move.

It also gets rid of the embarrassment aspect which at times can be a distraction as people worry about what others in the class might think of them. Ultimately, no distractions allows those in the class to just focus on themselves and perfect the routine meaning that they become better dancers, faster.

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