7 ways to improve productivity at work

Staying productive for an entire day at work can feel like quite an accomplishment. If you feel as though you could be getting more done, a few simple changes to your current habits could make a real difference.

At its core productiveness relates to organisation. It is important you are organised and know what you are doing therefore things can get done faster. As well as this, having a clean office will help find things easier and you don’t waste time trying to find an item.

If you don’t have the time necessary to keep your workspace clean, then you should look into hiring a company specialising in office cleaning.

Here are 7 of the best ways to increase your productivity at work:

1. Prioritise your tasks

When you try to multitask, and juggle all your tasks at once, it can lead to substandard results. Rushing and not allowing ample time could affect your quality of work. Create a to-do list and place your tasks in order from most important to least.

Allocate each task with a timeline for completion and mark them off as you go. Knowing exactly what needs to be done will make your day more streamlined with less chance of overlooking those important jobs. If you prefer, limit your paper usage and choose an electronic to-do list or organisation app.

2. Have a clean workspace

Having a tidy workspace will eliminate some of the chaos from your workday. You will feel comfortable sitting down in your space and be able to focus more clearly. When you enter a room which looks messy it is hard not to feel overwhelmed.

The office should be an organised environment and your desk is the first point of call. Office cleaning companies can be done on a regular basis to ensure your workplace is in tip top shape every day.

3. Organise your emails

If you are in a workplace where technology is heavily relied upon, monitoring your inbox is going to be part of your job. Get into the habit of sorting your emails as they come in and deleting and filing anything which you do not need urgently.

Searching your inbox can be a timewaster, and having it organised will keep everything at hand when you need it. When your inbox is constantly beeping, and interrupting your progress, turn down the volume and allocate a set period each day to answer any enquiries.

4. Take care of your health

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One of the secrets to being more productive, is having a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and exercising regularly will give you more energy and allow for better focus.

Keep a water bottle on your desk at all times, and have a container of unsalted nuts to snack on. Stretch your body intermittently throughout the day to keep your blood flowing and your mind clear. Taking a few minutes to recharge will make a big difference!

If you can, fit in some exercise before work. Even if it is just a few push ups or a brisk walk, it will help you wake up and get in the zone.

5. Delegate where possible

Sometimes you can’t do everything. If you are feeling overwhelmed and overworked, it is okay to ask for assistance. Admitting you need help is a big step but you need to delegate wisely.

Choose those smaller tasks which don’t require time to explain, such as phone calls and photocopying files. Understanding the skills of your colleagues will allow you to delegate to the right people.

6. Create boundaries

If you are constantly being interrupted, it is going to make your time less productive. Schedule any meetings in advance and turn your phone on silent. Set a standard in the workplace where general chit chat is saved for break times.

If you have urgent work to complete, set up an alert or email autoresponder to let your employees know you are currently unavailable. When you allow yourself to focus on what is in front of you, it will be completed much more quickly and efficiently.

7. Eliminate any distractions

Distractions often lead to procrastination. Close your social media profiles and place your phone out of reach until lunch time. Facebook is just one way many people waste time, and if you want to be more productive you should save it for later.

Depending on your workspace, there may be other types of distractions such as loud music or conversations. With open plan offices now being commonplace, it can be hard to eliminate all distractions entirely. If possible, you should try to find a way to keep them in the background.

Being productive at work is something employees commonly struggle with. By following these simple tips, you may find yourself finishing work on time and completing any deadlines before the due date. When you have a productive day at work, you will leave feeling more positive and you can be proud of your success.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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