Sydney’s best swimming locations

Australia is home to the world’s best beaches and Sydney is lucky enough to have an abundance of beaches and swimming spots all situated within a short ride from the city.

As summer goes on it can get a little boring going to the same beach or swimming whole every time and with so much to offer, you’d be mad not to try somewhere new. The best swimming spots are often right around the corner, you just need to look a little harder.

Little Bay

Situated just south of the city, Little Bay is a swimming paradise. Protected by the rocky headlands, it’s a great place for snorkelling as there is a rich ecosystem beneath the surface.

Milk Beach

Providing incredible views of the city, Milk Beach is a stunning location. The water is clear, it’s only 15 minutes from the city and it sits in the Sydney Harbour National Park. The walking track to the beach is beautiful as well and continues along the coast for 1.8km.

Congwong Beach

A quiet beach that allows a nice escape from the waves of some of the bigger beaches positioned on the opposite side of the headland. It sits in the Botany Bay National Park next to the New South Wales Golf Club, perfect for a lazy afternoon wind down.

Wylie’s Baths

This is the ultimate swimming location with yoga classes and a restaurant available next to the 50 metre tidal pool at Coogee. With beautiful views of the ocean and even the option of a massage, there isn’t a more lux outdoor swimming experience.


Whilst this one is a bit more of a drive, it’s certainly worth it once you’re there. Found deep in the Royal National Park, this place has it all with a beach, lagoon and a waterfall it’s a great day out for everyone. You can even camp nearby and wake up to one of the best swims in Sydney.

Resolute Beach

For a remote beach lay down, Resolute Beach is the place to be. Only accessible via an 8 kilometre walking track, it can seem like a long way, but it’s worth it. You’ll likely have the beach to yourself and with views across the bay to Palm Beach and Pittwater it’s a no-brainer.

Kurnell Beach

Beautifully crisp and clean water is the highlight of this beach. It’s a good alternative to Cronulla, situated just over the headland, and offers a wealth of life under water.

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