Stylish ways to bring clocks into your home

Wall clocks have been present as a home decor item for centuries and incorporating wall clock into your home shouldn’t be a tough task. Nowadays, wall clocks are not only meant to check the time but also act as decoration and if chosen properly then it can enhance the overall look of your home.

You might be wondering that a wall clock will be a boring design that your grandparents must be using but that’s not the case there is various modern clock available. Let’ check out what are the stylish ways to include clocks into your home.

Factors to keep in mind before choosing a wall clock for your home: 

  • Need to decide the place: Where will you hang your clock? Are you using the wall clock in the living room, kid’s room or in your bedroom? Once you will make up your mind, then you will have a basic idea of what you need. Your choice should also depend on the area you are getting to play with. If you are looking for a wall clock for your kid’s room, then you can go for a colourful clock.
  • Size of the clock matters: This is another important thing to consider, people mess up by buying clocks that are small for their room. You don’t want to have any difficulty while reading the time. A wall clock should be big enough so that you are able to check out the time from another room easily. 
  • Cost of a wall clock: It depends on much you are willing to spend on your clock? Some of you might not feel the need to spend the money on a simple thing as a clock but if you are looking for a great design and have a budget then the cost thing won’t be a problem for you.
  • Where to purchase your wall clocks: You can buy your wall clocks from the store or online. A better option is to search them online as you can customize your wall clock online easily. 

Here are all the options where you can put your wall clock. 

  • Kitchen 

This is the most classic location for the wall clock, as you tend to spend your time there like getting ready for office, making lunch & dinner. Placing a wall clock in the kitchen will keep you in sync with your daily routine. 

You can make it interesting by using decorative clocks and not the same old boring clocks. Decorative clocks will add style to your home. It’s an easy design for a narrow space in your kitchen. You can also go with the classic kitchen clock that is a timeless piece and sometimes going with a classic wall clock is best for minimal space. 

  • Living room 

The living room is another convenient place to display the wall clock. It’s one of the best locations for keeping the clock, it will help to keep the whole family on time. Another benefit is that the living room has the biggest space, making it ideal to display a large wall clock. 

Big is better when it comes to wall clocks for the living room, more wall space means a chance for an interesting wall clock. For example, you can go with roman numeral wall clocks, it will make a perfect statement for your room and won’t look out of place at all. 

Using rustic wall clocks is another way to add luxury to your living room as they come with undeniable elegance and will make heads turn for one look of the wall clock. This design can work perfectly in any space. 

You can’t go wrong with a vintage wall clock in your living room. Vintage wall clocks are in fashion for a reason as they look classy when you hang them in your room. An ideal vintage clock will make your room look chic and will also suit your interior decor look good. 

You can also try cuckoo clocks to style up your living room as their style is timeless and is still a classic for a living room. Cuckoo clocks are made in the shape of a birdhouse and they have a small cuckoo bird coming out of the door with making chirping sounds. It’s one of the most unusual types of clocks available in the market. You can get cuckoo clocks and other wall clocks that suit your style online. 

If you want to make a statement about your living room, then you can try by personalizing your wall clock. You will need a wall clock of any type and photo frames of your family members. This clock style will work perfectly if you have a big living room. A pro tip: arrange the pictures chronologically that will depict the whole family journey. 

  • Bedroom 

We can relate to the ‘tick tick’ sound of the wall clock in our bedroom and a clock is still a perfect item to place in your bedroom. It’s a comfortable place where you relax, get ready for the day, etc. So, it’s nice to have a clock present in there. In the bedroom, the clocks are mostly hung over the bed or as alarm clocks. 

Using a modern wall clock is always a good idea, you can go for a matching set of designer clocks over your bed for a modern touch. You can also go for a classic wall clock, place them in a high-ceiling bedroom. Classic clocks can mix with all room styles. You can also try a minimal wall clock for the bedroom, go for white and black shades if you want to keep it simple. If you want to try something different then there are many modern colours available. Before choosing the wall clock, one should keep the theme of their bedroom in mind. 

Clocks are the perfect finishing piece for your home

Clocks are overlooked nowadays and clocks seem to be old-fashioned even for a modern living space. While the concept of having a large clock in your home might feel outdated but the reality is that a well-made clock can improve the theme of the room and can really make a positive impact. It’s not just a clock, it’s an art-form. 

Christopher Collier
Christopher Collier
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