Ways to decorate your wall space with minimal effort

Wall spaces are mostly overlooked and they are one of the important factors for home design. It’s hard to master correctly using your wall space to make your space look bigger and organized. Most people focus their time on choosing carpets, wall colours, furniture, etc without giving much emphasis on what they can do with their wall space. Here you can check out the best ways to make most of your wall space. 

Don’t hang plenty of things on your wall

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their wall spaces is they try to hang every painting on the wall. This would result in a cramped space of the wall and will no chance for any improvement. Your walls will look smaller and if the wall is of white or any light colour, using plenty of decors will limit the amount of light reflection and your room will appear darker. Instead of cramping your wall space, you can hang a few items on the wall. 

Buy Wall clocks for your wall space

Oversized wall clocks are in trend right now because they are eye-catching. By choosing these wall clocks you can save money on additional pieces of wall decor without comprising the look. These clocks are modern and are excellent for farmhouse or for a big room.

The other way is to hang multiple wall clocks of different time zones, this is a creative way to fill out your wall space. This will be useful if you are in a business that requires you to keep a proper track of different time zones. You can get these wall clocks online without any trouble. 

You can go with a detailed piece rather than your normal wall clock, the pendulum wall clock would be suitable for you. These clocks are ideal for rustic or country style home. Pendulum wall clocks will add a difference to your room. 

Go with mirrors

Using mirrors is another way to make your home bigger that is big and elegant. These work well for rooms that are smaller like an apartment and it’s impossible to distinguish between an expensive and inexpensive mirror. You can buy an inexpensive mirror online and place it on your wall without losing any of your home’s class. 

Place furniture against the wall

Walls are great for decor but placing your furniture against the wall can give you plenty of space in your home. Instead of placing furniture at the centre of the large area like a living room, you can try putting couches and chairs against the walls and opt for something such as the centre table in the middle. This will make your space large, giving you a better space to do other work like yoga or even throw a party. 

Hanging rug to get attention

A rug can add texture, warmth to your room, it’s not only good for floors and it can be used on the wall. Hanging a rug on the wall will make any space look stylish. You can hang the rug in different places like a behind the sofa in their living room or can use as a headboard in the bedroom, this wall design will add a quirky feel to your wall and will change the whole look of the room. 

Go for unique textures

Wall textures look good in shaping the aura of your home, you can easily create unique texture on your walls, you can pick one wall and style it differently. The texture walls will look good in your living room and it will light up space pretty well. To get that dapper look for the wall you can try wood textured and stone cladding wallpapers. 

Use shelves

There are plenty of shelves options in the market that are suitable for wall decoration. Triangle shelves are trending and are a good way to decorate your wall. You can add colour for that extra touch of brilliance. Floating shelves will give you the look without any additional bulky hardware and they can be arranged in whichever way you want. You can move them one after another to create a ladder effect or can square them off to create the cubby shelves. 

Wall mural looks dashing for your wall space

A wall mural is a perfect way to display your passion for artwork, you can go for a custom wall mural decal which can get fit to your wall. There is plenty of option when it comes to getting the mural printed in patterns and photography. When choosing the style of your wall mural, consider the room it will be in. 

Chalkboard wall

If you have kids in the house then chalkboard wall is a great option, kids can easily explore their creativity by drawing on the walls and the cleaning process is easy too. You can add a chalkboard wall by adding a chalkboard wallpaper. This is one of the best decoration ideas for your wall that can turn any room in the house into a brilliant space for your family. 

DIY ideas for your wall

DIY wall designs are the best way to show your creativity, you can easily create a wall by putting your Instagram pictures on display. This would surely grab lots of attention to the guests. The fun part is that these can be pasted directly on the wall with the help of a tape, so it can be done without any extra effort.


While decorating wall space is not an easy task but making most of your wall space doesn’t have to be too difficult. You can go with items that are already available at your home or you can buy wall clocks online that will make your home luxurious. 


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