Situations where strata painting may be needed

Strata painting is the field of commercial painting where contractors are hired for multiple tenancy dwellings.

Strata is a particular type of legal tenancy where residents of a building are allotted a particular portion of a building and it is managed by a governing body.

Title is unique to that portion of the building, but the overseeing management is responsible for the maintenance of the outlaying building and surrounding grounds.

In construction of strata properties, and in maintenance of large scale building projects, strata painters are experts in the extensively sized painting projects.

Situations where strata painters are also useful include townhouse blocks, where the one contractor can ensure a uniform neat finish across all outlying dwellings.

In large commercial premises, such as warehousing complexes, strata painters can be deployed to ensure that the work is finished and completed with minimal disruption to commercial tenants.

Other situations where strata painters should be considered include:

Educational Facilities

Well maintained buildings and properties on educational grounds ensure that the premises stays attractive and resilient to large numbers of people who inhabit the campus during business hours and other times.

Educational facilities should be well maintained and be aesthetically pleasing to encourage wellbeing and positive mindset amongst both student and academic populations.

A healthy learning environment is promoted by a clean and orderly physical area, and this also helps ensure safety and everything in good working order, particularly when a number of surfaces are involved.

Strata painting companies can plan each part of the project, clean it properly, and ensure that after care and maintenance happens so that the buildings stay in an inviting appearance.

Places of Worship

Churches, and other places of worship such as mosques and synagogues can benefit from contracting strata painters.

Large spiritual community facilities have to be maintained in an aesthetically pleasing manner as the atmosphere in a religious community generally requires neatness, order and a pleasant environment.

Strata painters can work with management and chaplains of a religious community to ensure that the needs of the group in their facilities can be fully realised.

Strata painters will work in appropriate ways that are respectful of any worship times and ensure that work is done quickly and discreetly.

Government Facilities

Public servants and the public frequent large government buildings.

Having well maintained, clean and tidy facilities helps promote safety and ensures that the government is viewed by the community as professional and makes good use of resources.

The upholding of a positive image among society by the government is particularly important, and the community is entitled to expect that when they are required to attend a particularly government facility (be it local, state or federal) that it be safe, attractive, well maintained and accessible.

Strata painters ensure that any graffiti on the exterior of buildings or inside bathroom facilities or other places is removed and cleaned off, and they prepare surfaces properly to ensure that any paint or other protective coverings adhere correctly.

Once all building projects are completed with respect to painting, the strata company will provide maintenance services to ensure that all paintwork appears fresh and clean.

Retail Buildings and Facilities

Shopping centres and strip malls in regional and urban areas, and central commercial districts are particularly well serviced by specialist strata painting contractors.

Many business owners know the importance of maintaining a building in a clean and attractive manner. A shabby exterior dissuades the public from entering a building due to its subtle message that it is uncomfortable and unpleasant.

An aesthetically pleasing exterior communicates to potential customers that they will enjoy the experience of coming into the building and using its facilities.

By a building owner or a body corporate engaging the services of a strata painter, they are investing in a large-scale project that will ensure good tenancy rates and businesses that are happily pulling in customers.

Strata painters will also do follow up maintenance and be able to do repairs, and graffiti removal. They are also able to freshen up tired looking paint and make a building look more up to date, modern and tidy.

Strata painters have a distinct advantage over commercial painting firms in that they understand and can account for the requirements of large-scale jobs. They also have the proper equipment to tackle large, high-scale jobs – i.e scaffolding.

The extensive buildings that are done under strata titles require careful planning, budgeting for resources, and allocation of project timelines and specialist services. Services such as cleaning of the surfaces prior to painting and after care maintenance are also provided by strata painters.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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