The special requirements of strata properties

Strata properties are a legal development whereby title of an individual portion of a property can be assigned to a person or corporate entity, as part of a greater parcel of area. Examples of strata properties include townhouse communities and apartment buildings.

A body corporate manages strata properties, whereby individual members of the corporation (title owners) vote on issues related to the common areas and exteriors of the buildings.

At body corporate meetings, service providers are selected to provide maintenance, building and upgrade services. As more facilities are added to developments, such as gyms, swimming pools, other leisure areas and administrative difficulties can arise as complexity increases.

Strata specialist maintenance services alleviate headaches

Members of the body corporate executive can be offered a minimally intensive way to solve their maintenance issues when they select strata maintenance specialists such as strata painters.

Commercial property managers also require specialist strata painter services, professional tradespeople who understand the requirements of the vast scale of large properties. They also know how to cause minimal disruption to either residential tenants of strata properties or business tenants.

Body corporate executives obligations

Members of the body corporate of strata title properties are required under law to fulfill certain obligations. They are required to act not only in a self-serving manner, but to create a benefit for every member of the body corporate, and are required to work for the greater good.

Meetings are to be documented, members invited, and an outline of any agendas are to be sent out with meeting invitations. A record of meetings is to be taken and kept for auditors. Members of the body corporate are to be able to recognise transparency in executive decisions, and can cast votes at meetings.

Executive members of body corporates, despite the privilege of the commission, are required to do extensive work sourcing quotes for maintenance. When selecting contractors for performing works around the property, many considerations have to be taken into account.

Strata service specialists understand body corporate requirements

Strata painters and other professional tradespeople who service the commercial and large scale property markets are in a unique position to understand the requirements that body corporate executives have to adhere to.

When a body corporate manager approaches a service enterprise to arrange quotes and consultation, they need to know that everything will be smoothly arranged and have fair pricing.

The technical requirements for each job also need to be outlined, and administrative members of the strata title corporation have to be reassured that at every stage of the project, from consultation through to handover, that quality is present throughout.

Strata managers have multiple clerical obligations to complete, such as:

  • Organisation of financial management
  • Contract maintenance and support
  • Insurance and record keeping
  • Advising of legislative requirements

They need service providers to understand their unique needs. Strata painters are a group of trade professionals who will deliver everything according to specific requirements.

Strata painters undergo accreditation

When a body corporate manager is searching for trades and services providers, it is reassuring to know that accreditation of commercial operators ensures that they adhere to legislative and industry requirements.

When expensive investments in paint coverings for commercial properties can include services such as waterproof membranes, graffiti removal, wall coverings and maintenance work, having an accredited provider gives extra protection.

Accreditation of trade professionals, particularly in commercial applications, ensures that these professionals have passed through rigorous auditing and testing in the use of their tools, products and processes.

Their methods have been scrutinised according to quality control requirements, and they need to maintain this standard through regular auditing. This ensures that for the customer, and overall industry, that shady operators can be avoided.

An investment by the body corporate in quality service operators will protect both the financial interests and peace of mind of all members of the body corporate, and ensure that managers and executives fulfill their legal requirements.

Strata painters have performed thousands of jobs and have knowledge of the local area and will ensure that all work performed suits the style of the building and maintains the integrity of the finish.

Outsourcing work to the right service provider gives the best opportunity for strata owners and tenants to have reassurance about their property being in good hands.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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