5 crucial reasons to invest your money in YouTube ads

YouTube has made its place in the digital culture for over a decade, and it can be challenging to find someone who isn’t familiar with it. Many celebrities, artists and comedians have started their careers through this platform.

If you are an entrepreneur, you cannot underestimate the value of video marketing as part of your inbound marketing strategy, whether you have a large or small business.

YouTube is said to be one of the most popular and influential online platforms for those who attempt to attract their customers. You cannot stay back from taking benefit from its incredible capacity to help businesses attract a new audience and create lasting leads through fan following.

Since the iconic red play button has gained a lot of popularity for being a winning digital marketing platform, it is undoubtedly surprising to believe that the origin of YouTube ads is just a decade old.

Evolution of YouTube ads

In 2006, YouTube ads came to existence as Brand Channels and Participatory ads offering businesses a platform to reach a broader audience. The advancements quickly followed, like in-video ads along with the Homepage ads.

More advancements have been made in YouTube ads, and new and innovative tools have been introduced to make advertising easier and customisation for you to create a winning ad campaign.

In fact, YouTube can prove to be an effective tool if you are ready to dive in.

Here are five compelling reasons you must invest in YouTube ads as part of your online marketing strategy:

  1. You can develop affordable ad campaigns

You neither necessarily need high-end equipment or services of a creative professional to create your ads. YouTube has a convenient guide to help people plan, record, and edit their video ads using their smartphones only.

Usually, an ad view runs from about $0.05 to $0.10, which is reasonably low compared to the cost of several keywords on Google Search Network that cost around $50 per-click, or sometimes even higher.

Moreover, you won’t have to pay for ads that people skip quickly. YouTube ads can accommodate different promotional budgets. Measuring the success of your ad campaign has never been easier. You can track costs and views through your Google Ads account, and see if your ads are reaching the target audience.

  1. Grabs attention

Despite who your target audience is, they are most probably navigating YouTube. According to a survey, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Therefore, you have high chances for exposure through YouTube ads.

On the contrary, you may get a lot of competition as about more than 400 videos are upload every minute on YouTube. So, being innovative can keep your ad content from getting lost in the vast ocean of video marketing.

For the record, aim to create attractive scripts and extraordinary and original video content that can help you stand out in your ads.

  1. Grows your online reach

Along with 2 billion account holding monthly visitors on YouTube, there are many viewers who watch about five billion videos daily.

Each view comes with the likelihood of exposure to your ad to those who could be interested in what you have to offer. But how would you find them?

In terms of YouTube ads, the bigger your net is, the more and bigger fish you can catch. Viewers who would like to purchase from you may come to you from all backgrounds. Therefore, take your time to choose multiple consumer demographics that your YouTube ads would serve as a way to capitalize through your video advertising campaign.

  1. Boosts conversions and sales

Most importantly, you can actually make some serious money through videos. Vision is our primary sense, so most of the information our mind takes in is visual. Whether you want to make explainer videos, behind the scenes, meet the team, comedy, or review or reaction video content, they can help you get sales, but how?

You may be loaded with ideas; all you need to do is to craft them in an exciting, engaging, and informative way that also works well as product videos. You can also invest your time in just a product video, but nothing beats getting high content engagement than something fun and captivating.

  1. Personalise your ads based on your goals

Unlike other media of ads that need you to adhere to strict guidelines and policies in order to get your ad on the screen, YouTube ads give more freedom in crafting your approach. You can create storytelling videos, explain your product or service, podcast or netcast, share valuable information, and much more to grab the attention of your audience. Such a wide range of opportunities makes this search engine the most flexible and vibrant platform to brand your business.

With the advertising capabilities, YouTube offers, it is notably affordable for all large and small businesses.

With affordability, customization, vast online reach, high ROI and advanced targeting, it isn’t hard to see why YouTube advertising is getting popular day by day. So, when are you going to set your feet in branding through YouTube?

Mathew Richard
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