4 ways to get your search engine listing to stand out

Google is always changing. Just a decade ago you wouldn’t see anything other than actual listings of websites in Google’s search results. Fast forward to today and there are so much more additional features that are included, like top news stories, videos, knowledge graphs, people also ask, and the list goes on.

There is now even a position above the number 1 (but not included in the ads), we call this position 0 and this is where you want to be. These days there is so much other stuff that Google includes in their results page that it could take up to 4 scrolls on a mobile device to get to the first organic listing!

With all these new features being introduced, you need to think about new and exciting ways that you can get your search engine listing to stand out from your competitors. So, take a look below at the best ways you can do this:

1. Videos

Who doesn’t love a video? Videos are so popular these days and will only become even more popular in years to come. Users don’t generally like reading, they like watching, so it is a good idea to give users rich video content that they will love.

According to Emmanuel Owusu from iEOS, Google understands a users love for videos and will try to display a video selection where appropriate in their results. It could therefore be beneficial to you to invest in video content so you can be apart of the video search listing sections.

Some recommendations when making videos is to ensure that aren’t too long, the longer the video the increased chance users will become disengaged and drop off. Think about having a “how to” type video with a clear action led description that motivates users to take action.

2. Images

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Photo: Yacobchuk, BS

Along the same line as videos, images can also really help your listing to stand out. On desktop devices, if images are appropriate for the search term, the images will show up usually at the top of the page for a user to look through.

For mobile devices however, if you have a properly optimised image on your web page, the image could show up alongside your listing. This will certainly draw eyeballs to your listing, especially if none of the other listings around yours have an image.

3. People also ask

People also ask
Photo: Google screenshot

People have a lot of questions that they want to know the answer to. When you type in a question into Google you are likely to see a “people also ask” section where you can take a look at other similar questions.

When you click on one of the questions, the box opens up revealing the answer straight away. If a user would like to know more they can click on the answer and be taken to the actual website.

Opening one question box will lead to Google supplying additional questions at the bottom that are similar to the specific question a user clicked on and opened. Users like this feature because it gives them exactly what they are looking for quickly.

It is therefore important that you take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions in your industry, or topic and put them on your website in a easy to read format for Google to hopefully pick up and display in this search listing feature.

There is nothing particularly technical involved, put the right content in and the rest is up to Google. There is a bit of luck when it comes to this, you just have to ensure you’ve got top grade content.

4. Featured snippet

Featured Google snippet
Photo: Google screenshot

This is what many refer to as the coveted position 0. This is where you should be aiming for now. Let’s say you search for “how to boil an egg” you are likely to see right at the top the step on how to boil an egg without even having to click on any websites.

You may be thinking how is this good for your website traffic if you provide the user everything they need in the search engine that they don’t even need to click on your listing.

Well, this is the way that Google is heading and if you don’t have a featured snippet then someone else properly will. Also, being so high up in search results starts to establish branding and you are increasing the likelihood that someone will click on your website.

Getting your listing shown up as a featured snippet is quite similar to that of the “people also ask” section. There is no real technical side, you just need to have the right type of content and a bit of luck that Google likes what you’ve got on your page. Your content should be short and to the point, no need to waffle on.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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