Preview of the World Cup final 2018

With Belgium and England crashing out of the World Cup semi-finals, France and Croatia will go head to head on the world’s biggest stage in the 2018 World Cup Final in Moscow on Sunday night.

France hit their peak

France were one of the heavy favourites leading in to the World Cup, and with the likes of Lloris, Pogba, Dembele, and Griezmann reaching their peak performance in their last match against Belgium the small nation of Croatia may face an uphill battle.

France hadn’t looked as strong as they should have during the group stages considering their super star line up, but in their recent knock out stages these players have shone and proven why they are the heavy favourites going in to the final. With huge amounts of skill and discipline to this French side they are expected to smother Croatia in one of the more one sided matches in the tournament.

Croatia may be the under dogs, but…

With a population of just 4.2 million Croatia have come through against all odds and made it to the World Cup final for the first time in history. This has come as a shock to many football fans around the world, but people forget some of the power houses that have come out of the small nation of Croatia.

Real Madrid and Croatia’s captain, Luka Modrić, has been the go to player for Croatia during this year’s World Cup. With 2 goals and 1 assist in 6 matches Modrić is definitely the base and play maker in this Croatian side and could make all the difference in the 2018 World Cup final.

Could there be an upset?

Many people consider this Sunday’s World Cup final already decided with France being the heavy favourites to be lifting the trophy in Moscow, but some may forget the hard work and determination Croatia have shown to reach the biggest stage of them all.

In the group stages beating Iceland in the 90th minute to top their group (along with a 3-0 rout of Lionel Messi’s Argentina), going to penalty shoot-outs in thrilling matches against Denmark and the hosts, Russia, and beating the great young squad of England on Wednesday morning in extra time.

Croatia may just have the guts and determination to take it all the way and have a major upset against the European giants that are France. But it is unlikely, especially considering that Croatia have played the equivalent in time of an entire extra game more than France during the knock-out stages.


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