Plesk Panel is all set to enjoy a better position

Two of the major webs hosting panels are cPanel and Plesk. Of course, there are a host of other panels too but these 2 panels are most trusted and offer good reliability.

CPanel enjoys the upper hand when it comes to the number of users and popularity. However, the Plesk now seems to be seriously getting ready to take up the challenge and emerge as a winner. That is why it has introduced different changes to offer the better experience to the basic as well as advanced users. It will certainly help the company to enjoy a better popularity.

Here are a few key changes made by Plesk to improve the user experience:

The interface that keeps the client happy

The interface of the new Plesk version is free of unnecessary clutter. More organized and well arranged the new Plesk interface is clean enough to help even non-technical users make most of its functionalities without juggling with technical complexities.

  • If all you need is the basic capability to work comfortably with your Plesk panel then the new Plesk version will be a great resource for your needs.
  • The users who are short on time will also appreciate the streamlined and well-guided tour of the new Plesk panels.

Better distribution of knowledge

The Plesk is all set-to keep on making the platform more usable and easy for the non-technical clients and earn it the favor of the non-technical clients as well. It has already started tangible efforts in the same directions. One of the major things apart from the simple interface is better availability of knowledgebase and relevant resources so as to educate the new users about the various feature and capabilities of Plesk.

  • The latest improvements in the Plesk ecosystem facilitate the server management even for the users who are not acquainted with the Plesk.
  • A good amount of Plesj tutorials is availabel on a number of web hsoting blogs, forums and groups

A better choice for OS

When anyone buys web hosting services the one of the major thing that concers them is the OS. The best thing is that Plesk does not restrict the web hosting clients to use any specific OS and thus offers an extended power in their hands to choose Any OS they are comfortable with. You won’t find any difficulty installing Plesk on any type of operating system.

  • Here the Plesk has certainly got an upper hand over the cPanel as the latter is compatible only with the Centos. Plesk, on the other hand, works seamlessly with a variety of popular OS including the popular names like Ubuntu and centos along with (of course) Windows.
  • The limited features of Plesk were one of the reasons that prevented it to enjoy the popularity among the uses o the Plesk has certainly changed the things for the better.

Can work with Gitman

The Plesk now comes with the capable extension to integrate Gitman that is getting highly popular among the net users. The vital thing to be noticed here is that right now there are a very few web panels that support Github and being a branded panel the Plesk can reap really good benefits if it supports Github.

The ever-increasing community of GitHub can get attracted to the Plesk that can increase its clients base


When someone buys web hosting packages the major thing that concerns them is the ease of managing ther hosting panel. When it comes to the control panels the users generally rely on the reputed names produced by the good brands and offering user friendly features. While Plesk and cPanel are counted as the 2 major control panels, the Plesk is generally less preferred by the clients.

One of the major reasons is that the Plesk offers easy and hassle free options for the people who wish to utilize only basic functionalities of their control panel. However, the advanced users who wish to extend their capabilities generally find it easier to work on cpanel due to its favourable ecosystem.

However, the good new is that the Plesk has introduced some key changes that male the platform appealing for both basic as well as advanced users with varying technical knowledge and expectations.

Jitendra Bhojwani
Jitendra Bhojwani
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