Photographer David Yarrow wows crowds with changing Lanes Exhibition

David Yarrow’s latest exhibition, Changing Lanes, continues apace with dates now set into 2022.

Showcasing his greatest ever breadth and variety of works, photographer David Yarrow’s Changing Lanes exhibition has already wowed crowds at some of Europe’s most famous galleries. Having proved wildly successful, Changing Lanes is scheduled to continue into 2022. With that, fans of Yarrow—and newcomers to the photographer’s work alike—still have a chance to take in the show, much to the delight of those who’ve yet to witness it.

David Yarrow is one of today’s most collectible contemporary photographic artists. Changing Lanes showcases some of his latest work, including images of endangered wildlife, indigenous communities, and landscapes. The British photographer, conservationist, and author is best known for his distinctive, evocative, and immersive images of life on earth.

Such images have seen Yarrow credited for having revolutionized various aspects of professional photography in recent years. Already, the London-based photographer has wowed huge crowds at galleries in Monaco, France, and Norway with his latest exhibition. Changing Lanes acts as a metaphor for Yarrow’s evolution as a photographic artist and reflects his belief in the power of visual storytelling.

The exhibition contains over 70 of Yarrow’s photographs. Changing Lanes has been praised for its intimacy and its unique portrayal of wild animals, in particular, with the photographer applauded for giving his subjects from the natural world an almost human-like quality.

The Changing Lanes exhibition also delves into photographer David Yarrow’s fascination as far as recreating stories from the Wild West, including its history, folklore, geography, and culture in the forward wave of American expansion in North America dating back to the early 17th century.

Changing Lanes by David Yarrow further inspired by dramatic cinema

Changing Lanes features a combination of some of David Yarrow’s most iconic shots ever taken, coupled with a series of new images captured throughout the recent coronavirus pandemic. In addition to its place as an anthology to the Wild West and a study of some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife, it also plays homage to the very best in dramatic cinema.

Those lucky enough to take in Yarrow’s latest exhibition will no doubt see inspiration borrowed from numerous Hollywood blockbusters, including such cinematic masterpieces as Fargo and American Beauty, as well as iconic Hollywood hits Bonnie and Clyde and Thelma & Louise. Several famous faces also make an appearance, including Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, and power couple Russell and Ciara Wilson – each represented in the photographer’s unmistakable signature style.

Photographer David Yarrow was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1966 and began photographing as a teenager. He’s since travelled the world to witness and take unique pictures of stunning wildlife and secluded communities in some of the most isolated places on the planet.

Yarrow’s Changing Lanes exhibition will soon make its way to Dallas, Texas, officially debuting at Samuel Lynne Galleries at Thompson Dallas on Friday, December 3rd, and at Samuel Lynne Galleries in the famed Design District on Saturday, December 4th. Yarrow will be in attendance at both events.

Changing Lanes will remain in view at Samuel Lynne Galleries through February 5th, 2022.

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